Song Joong Ki Says the Only Things on His Mind Are His Wife·Baby These Days

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2023

Song Joong Ki Says the Only Things on His Mind Are His Wife·Baby These Days
Actor Song Joong Ki shared that his mind is preoccupied with thoughts about his wife and baby these days. 

On May 23, Song Joong Ki had an interview with the press to speak about his first-ever 'Cannes Film Festival' attendance. 

He was invited to this one of the most glamorous film festivals on the calendar for his move 'Hopeless', which will screen in the non-competitive 'Un Certain Regard' section; he came to Cannes, France with his wife Katy Louise Saunders, who is currently pregnant. 

During the interview, one reporter commented, "Not only were you honored to have been invited to 'Cannes Film Festival' for the first time, but your baby is also on its way. It's good news after good news for you lately, isn't it? You must be happy." 
Song Joong KiSong Joong Ki chuckled and replied, "Ah yes, you're right. A lot of good things are happening to me right now. I mean, I'm really excited about being here in Cannes, being invited to such an incredible festival and all, but to be honest, I'm kind of distracted. My mind's busy thinking about my wife and baby all the time. I'm constantly like, 'I have to go see my wife! I have to take care of her!' while at the event." 

He continued, "I'm very grateful for everything though. It's getting me to think like, 'I should live this life more positively, and appreciate every bit of it.' But since so many good things are occurring to me at once, I'm trying not to get myself too psyched at the moment." 

"The baby's due next month, and the doctor strongly recommended that she gets a good amount of exercise every day. So, we've been doing that.", he added. 
Song Joong KiThen, Song Joong Ki mentioned that he learned about 'Cannes Film Festival' from Katy Louise Saunders, former British actress.

The actor stated, "I was able to get great advice from Katy, because she had come to 'Cannes Film Festival' a number of times when she was active in the industry. She told me how the festival worked; advised me on how to do interviews, act at parties and stuff. She also opened a map and told me where the movie theater was, as I had no idea where it was located." 

"Anyway, I'll be watching 'Hopeless' with my wife.", then made a remark as he laughed, "Please take lots of photos of us together."
Song Joong KiIt was this January when Song Joong Ki unexpectedly announced that he married Katy Louise Saunders; he told the world about her pregnancy on the same day as when he made their marriage public. 

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