"I HAD to Make It Happen" (G)I-DLE MIYEON Begged YG Ent. CEO in the Past?

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 24, 2023

"I HAD to Make It Happen" (G)I-DLE MIYEON Begged YG Ent. CEO in the Past?
MIYEON of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE revealed a pre-debut episode.

On May 23, MIYEON guested on the 64th episode of YouTube show by 'KBS Kpop' channel titled, 'Leemujin Service'.

MIYEON performed three songs and talked with the host, singer Lee Mu Jin, in between.

After MIYEON sang a fantastic rendition of Red Velvet WENDY's 'When This Rain Stops', Lee Mu Jin uttered, "That was so good.", amazed at her singing skills.

As the host asked MIYEON how her passion for singing developed, she replied that it naturally escalated from listening to singing.

"It was when I was in elementary school that I first felt the urge to sing as I was listening to music. I started secretly recording my singing on the computer whenever my parents were away.", she explained, "I think that was the start."
MIYEON"What happened to those recordings? Did you use them?", asked the host.

"I used them for my audition.", she said and started her pre-debut story.

"It was my first audition. I submitted my demo, photos, and videos online and was thrilled to find out that I was accepted. When I made it to the third round, I thought to myself, 'Have I really made it to the third round when I am nothing?'"

However, the singer stated that she did not get the notification for the final round.

"I waited and waited, thinking that I HAVE to make it happen, but I've got nothing. I knew I failed because a friend of mine who I met during the audition process told me she was in."

But she could not miss the chance when she was so close to becoming a trainee.

"I could not pass up that opportunity. So I went up to the entertainment management company."

Lee Mu Jin made a surprised face at the turn of events.
MIYEONMIYEON resumed, "I had to try everything. If I did it again, I knew I wouldn't make it to the third round. So I went up there and begged to make me a trainee."

"To whom did you beg?", the host asked.

"It was the company's CEO. I approached him and handed him my new demo CD. That's how I got in.", said MIYEON.

"I don't know if this part will be aired, but I'd like to say something to him.", she abruptly said, "Hey, I made my debut!"

MIYEON and the host burst into laughter.

Lee Mu Jin chipped in, "Yeah, look at her now!"

In 2010, MIYEON auditioned for YG Entertainment when she was 14 years old and became a trainee.

She almost made her debut as a member of the group 'PINKPUNK', which is thought to be an earlier form of BLACKPINK.

However, she quit the agency when the final debut members went down to four, and she was not one of them.

After years of preparation, MIYEON debuted in 2018 as (G)I-DLE in Cube Entertainment.
MIYEONMIYEON(Credit= 'KBS Kpop' YouTube, Online Community)

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