"He Told Me Not to Run, Because..." Oh Ji-yool Tells How Sweet Her Boyfriend Is

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2023

"He Told Me Not to Run, Because..." Oh Ji-yool Tells How Sweet Her Boyfriend Is

Child actress Oh Ji-yool, who is known for her role as 'Ha Ye-sol' in the mega-hit Netflix series 'The Glory', showed off about her sweet boyfriend. 

On May 23 episode of SBS' new television show 'Strong Heart League', Oh Ji-yool unraveled her love story. 

Oh Ji-yool revealed that she has boyfriend and told a little bit about him, "My boyfriend and I go to the same school, but we aren't in the same class. His classroom is next to mine. But we do go to after school classes together." 
Oh Ji-yoolOne of the hosts Lee Ji Hye excitedly asked, "Oh my...! This is exciting! Who asked who out first?! Tell us!" 

Oh Ji-yool answered, "Well, we live in the same apartment complex, so we go home with each other. We were just friends until then, but what happened was... I asked him, 'Do you like me?' and he said, 'Yeah, I do. Will you be my girlfriend?'"

She continued, "I liked him for a long time, but his words kind of surprised me, so I paused for a bit. A few moments later, I pulled myself together and told him, 'Yes.'" 

Then, Oh Ji-yool went on to brag about her boyfriend when the hosts asked why she liked him. 

"He's really good at sports. And he told me that his reasons for liking me isn't simply because I'm on television. He also tells me not to run, as I might fall down.", then shyly smiled. 
Oh Ji-yoolAs another host Lee Seung Gi listened to her story, he wondered whether Oh Ji-yool's father knew that she had a boyfriend. 

When asked, Oh Ji-yool nodded, saying, "Yeah, he does. So, he is sad."

In response to her answer, Lee Seung Gi jokingly asked her to choose one―either her boyfriend or father―to send a video message to. 

Oh Ji-yool answered, "That's cruel... Can I just send a video message to both of them?" 

In the end, she got to send a video message to her boyfriend and father. 

Her message to her father made everybody laugh; she said, "Dad, I'm sorry about getting a boyfriend. But there's nothing to do about it now." 
Oh Ji-yool(Credit= SBS Strong Heart League) 

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