Former YG Ent. Trainee Shares How Amazing LISA & JISOO Were Back Then

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2023

Former YG Ent. Trainee Shares How Amazing LISA & JISOO Were Back Then
Former YG Entertainment trainee Heo Yoo-jung shared that the members of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK were amazing even back then. 

On May 23, Heo Yoo-jung guested on the most recent episode of YouTube show by 'Catching-up Marathon' (literal translation) channel. 

On this day, Heo Yoo-jung informed the interviewer and the channel's subscribers about her time at YG Entertainment, where she trained with BLACKPINK members, "I trained at YG Entertainment with the members of BLACKPINK. We lived in a dorm together, and I shared a bunk bed with LISA. They were all awesome." 

She went on, "I first met LISA when she was about 15. I remember LISA cooking different Thai dishes for me every time she returned from Thailand. She's always been a talented person as well. I don't think I've seen anyone dance as good as LISA in my life. She's such a great dancer." 

Excitedly continuing, "I took lessons with JISOO, and you know that she's recently released her first solo album, right? I watched her performance for 'FLOWER' and her skills seemed to have improved so much over the years. She has the same face though. There was never a time when she wasn't pretty, so...!"; she giggled while shyly covering her mouth. 

"I'm delighted to see them doing so well. I don't go around telling everyone that I know them, or post something on my Instagram such as, 'Oh my...! JISOO's new music's out! Guys, you must check it out. You'll love it for sure!' But I root for them from the bottom of my heart.", she added as she smiled. 
Heo Yoo-jungThen, Heo Yoo-jung disclosed reasons why she could not make debut under YG Entertainment, "YG Entertainment was the only company that I wanted to train and debut under. So, I did everything I could at my audition. There were in total of three stages. When I got in, I couldn't be happier. But training wasn't easy." 

"Following a monthly evaluation one day, the company staff told me that I had to pack my things and go home.", she carried on walking through it, "They didn't specifically say that I was 'fired'; they said it in a nice way, saying that the company is postponing the launch of a new girl group. They said, 'The next one will be out in like six years. A new boy group will make debut first.' When I heard that, I was like, 'Okay, it really is the end of it for me at YG Entertainment.', because I was 20 at that time."  
Heo Yoo-jungAfter leaving YG Entertainment, she made debut as a member of Bob Girls―a group that disbanded only after eight months. Then, she joined another agency. 

She could not make debut for over five years at that agency, and by that time, her mother said to have suggested her to give up being a K-pop star, and go to college. 

At age 27, Heo Yoo-jung began her university life, and earned a teaching certificate upon her graduation. She is currently doing a master's at Joong-Ang University, majoring in Content Management. 

As part of her studies, she is trying to find ways to improve the lives of K-pop trainees in Korea, explaining, "Having been there myself, I know what some of the biggest problems are and how they could possibly be changed." 

She also recently established her own exhibition planning company. She collaborated with SM Entertainment for Taeyeon of girl group Girls' Generation's exhibition last year. 

At the end of her talk, Heo Yoo-jung expressed how content she is with her current life, and added that seeing BLACKPINK's success truly makes her smile too.  

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