BADA Tells How She Cracked G-DRAGON Up at SE7EN♥Lee Da-hae's Wedding

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 24, 2023

BADA Tells How She Cracked G-DRAGON Up at SE7EN♥Lee Da-hae's Wedding
Singer BADA shared a funny episode about when she made the leader of K-pop boy group BIGBANG, G-DRAGON laugh so hard.

In the May 22 episode of SBS' television show 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny', singer SE7EN and actress Lee Da-hae's wedding was the main subject.

Since Mr. and Mrs. were on a honeymoon, some of the wedding guests joined the hosts in the studio to talk about the fabulous wedding.

One of them was singer BADA, who was invited to sing at the wedding.

When one of the hosts asked the singer how it was like to sing at their wedding, BADA awkwardly said, "Ummmm…"

Then the singer stated it was "special".
BADA & G-DRAGONShe explained, she had a 10-day schedule in France and the date of return happened to be the same day of SE7EN and Lee Da-hae's wedding.

BADA claims that despite moving some of her schedules to return on time, she had to face frustration at the footstep of returning to Korea.

"I arrived a little late at the airport in France, and it turned out the door was closed just two minutes ago. So, I couldn't get on the scheduled plane.", she explained.

However, the singer claimed that she had managed to perform for the bride and groom.

The hosts and guests decided to see how it went by watching the footage of SE7EN and Lee Da-hae's wedding.

Many stars attended the wedding to celebrate the couple's new beginning.

When it was BADA's time to sing, a video was played instead.

In the studio watching it, BADA explained, "I just decided to sing in front of the airplane."
BADA & G-DRAGONThe recorded video of BADA sobbing in front of the airplane was shown at the venue packed with celebrities.

"I apologize to everyone who came to SE7EN and Lee Da-hae's wedding. I am so sorry. I just missed the flight. I just feel so…", she could not finish the sentence without sobbing, overcome with sadness and frustration.

But she was so adorable that a round of laughter swept through the wedding guests.

The situation became even more comical when the singer began perfectly singing a song.
BADA & G-DRAGONWhen the second wave of laughing hit, G-DRAGON stood out the most among the seated guests.

He was seen laughing with his entire body as BADA started singing.

People in the venue applauded when her video―singing in front of a plane, teary-eyed―came to a close.

BADA buried her face in embarrassment as she witnessed the whole scene for the first time with her own eyes.

(Credit= SBS Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny, 'SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널' YouTube)
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