VIDEO: Gong Yoo Admits to Being a Coward When It Comes to Love

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2023

VIDEO: Gong Yoo Admits to Being a Coward When It Comes to Love
There is a saying "Love is hard.", and it is a statement that actor Gong Yoo apparently agrees, like every one of us. 

On May 23, Gong Yoo featured in 'Salon Drip'―YouTube show hosted by comedienne Jang Do Youn. 

During their conversation, Jang Do Youn asked which project he thinks shaped 'Gong Yoo' the way he is now. 

Without hesitation, Gong Yoo answered, "I would say it's 'Coffee Prince'. Everything about me really began with my role 'Choi Han-gyeol'. My career made a fancy start from then." 

Then, he had something to say about his famous line from 'Coffee Prince' (2007), "Personally, this line 'Whether you're a guy or alien, I'm going for it as far as I can.' wasn't my favorite. In fact, I didn't like it." 

He explained why he disliked the line, "At that time when I was acting, it was all okay, because I wasn't myself, I was 'Choi Han-gyeol'. But as I returned to myself after my acting, I was like, 'Oh my...! This line makes me cringe so much!' It's super cringey to this day." 
Gong YooJang Do Youn laughed at his comment, then asked him another question regarding his project. 

The question was, "You've appeared in many romantic comedies up to this point. Out of all the characters you've played, which character's way of love would you want yourself?" 

Once again, Gong Yoo chose 'Choi Han-gyeol' in 'Coffee Prince'―a coffee company heir who fake-engages 'Ko Eun-chan' (actress Yoon Eun Hye), who he thought was a boy at the time of their fake-engagement, to act as a gay couple, so that he could escape his family's pressure to get married. 

'Ko Eun-chan' later gets caught that she is actually a girl, and 'Choi Han-gyeol' eventually learns the meaning of true love while with her. 
Gong YooGong Yoo's reason for choosing 'Choi Han-gyeol' was for this reason: "Looking back the characters that I acted so far, there was no character like 'Choi Han-gyeol'. No other characters were as passionate about love as him. He was brave enough to love 'Ko Eun-chan' despite knowing him as a guy at first." 

It turned out the actor was not any different to us when it came to love, "I lack courage when it comes to love, so I envy the heart and attitude that 'Choi Han-gyeol' has towards love." 

His next words made Jang Do Youn go, "I'm totally with you on that."; his words were, "It's harder to love as I get older. I feel like I defend myself more and more as I age. I also become scared of getting hurt. So, I even let some go by. They would have just walked right past me, not knowing my feelings for them." 

(Credit= 'TEO 테오' YouTube) 

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