VIDEO: Hwa Sa Attracts Attention with Her Another Provocative Performance

By  Lee Narin  | May 25, 2023

VIDEO: Hwa Sa Attracts Attention with Her Another Provocative Performance

Hwa Sa of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO is in the center of attention for her another provocative performance. 

Recently, MAMAMOO kicked off their U.S. tour 'MY CON' with their concert in New York City. 

On May 22, MAMAMOO performed at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee as part of 'MY CON'. 

For their encore performance, the members of MAMAMOO turned into cowgirls, being in the cowboy/cowgirl state. 

Hwa Sa matched her cowgirl hat and boots with a brown bralette, black underboob crop top and light wash denim. 

While performing the group's beloved track 'Yes I Am', Hwa Sa suddenly lifted her crop top, completely revealing her bralette to the audience. 

After that, she smiled as if she was satisfied with her impromptu performance. 

The audience went wild at her unexpected move, but not everybody thought this performance was okay, once videos went around online. 

Last week, Hwa Sa was embroiled in controversy over her performance at a university festival. 

During her 'Don't' performance, Hwa Sa squatted down on stage, and spread her legs wide. 

Then, she licked her fingers, lowered the fingers down close to her private part and roughly brushed them over her private part, while pulling a sensual expression on the face. 

A lot of Koreans said that the performance was, "too erotic that it's inappropriate for a college festival". 

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Since she was only recently criticized for being suggestive on stage, some are stating that it was not the best idea for her to perform sexually again. 

For her performance in Nashville, Hwa Sa has once again become a subject of public criticism. 

(Credit= 'jeongieluvz' Twitter, 'z a m' 'Greg Teltschik' YouTube) 

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