Im Ji Yeon Reveals a 'Not Her Boyfriend' Male Actor Who Calls Her 'Honey'

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 25, 2023

Im Ji Yeon Reveals a 'Not Her Boyfriend' Male Actor Who Calls Her 'Honey'
The on-screen wife-husband relationship between actress Im Ji Yeon and actor Jung Sung-il is still strong.

On May 25, Im Ji Yeon's agency Artist Company released video footage of Im Ji Yeon's day on their YouTube channel.

She told the camera that she was on her way to the Pilates class to work out a little before shooting a commercial.

The actress was exhausted after the session, but she had to go to work.

Im Ji Yeon took a ride to the commercial shoot.
Im Ji Yeon and Jung Sung Il"I've heard it will be a reunion with someone special. Would you like to say something to him?", asked the manager.

Im Ji Yeon smiled and stated she got a text from the person saying that he "can't wait".

"He still calls me honey.", she remarked, "Which sometimes startles me."

The person, surprisingly, was not her boyfriend Lee Do Hyun who she confirmed dating on April 1.

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It turned out that her secret husband in the veil was Jung Sung-il.

Im Ji Yeon and Jung Sung-il co-starred as a wife and husband in Netflix's series 'The Glory'.

Im Ji Yeon played 'Park Yeon-jin', a cruel high school bully who grew up to become an even more selfish and malicious weathercaster.

And 'Ha Do-yeong' (Jung Sung-il) is the CEO of a Construction company that married 'Park Yeon-jin'.

Even though 'Park Yeon-jin' constantly cheated on 'Ha Do-yeong' with her high school sweetheart 'Jeon Jae-joon' (actor Park Sung Hoon), their love-hate relationship was much appreciated.
Im Ji Yeon and Jung Sung IlStill, Im Ji Yeon admits she is taken aback when he refers to her as "honey" in real life.

"Once, I was so surprised when a man approached me and called me honey.", Im Ji Yeon explained that the man was Jung Sung-il.

She added that it is just a force of habit since they had been pretending to be a married couple in 'The Glory' for a long time.

"On-site, we used to call each other that way.", Im Ji Yeon explained.

"I haven't seen him in a long time. 'The Glory' cast members have been so busy that we hardly see each other these days. It will be great fun working with him today.", she said, her face bright with anticipation.
Im Ji Yeon and Jung Sung IlAs she entered the studio, the actress fully immersed herself in the role as if she is another person.

She and Jung Sung-il performed as a perfect pair once again.

At the peak of their stardom, the stars say they do not know when they will be able to see each other again.

Im Ji Yeon and Jung Sung-il posed for a photo to remember their reunion.
Im Ji Yeon and Jung Sung Il(Credit= 'Artist Company' 'Netflix Korea' YouTube)

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