Lee Seung Gi Denies His Newlywed Home Is a Huge Mansion with 12 Parking Spaces

By  Lee Narin  | May 25, 2023

Lee Seung Gi Denies His Newlywed Home Is a Huge Mansion with 12 Parking Spaces

Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi clarified that him and his wife actress Lee Dain's home, where they are to make a fresh start together, is not a big mansion like they said on television. 

At the end of tvN's television show 'Free Doctor' aired on May 22, a preview of their next episode was shown. 

In this preview, they revealed luxury homes of celebrity couples. 

When talking about Lee Seung Gi and Lee Dain's newlywed home, they explained that it was a massive mansion. 

Specifically, it was illustrated to be as large as 1200m² (2152 ft²) with 12 parking spaces. 

The preview ended by stating that Lee Seung Gi and Lee Dain's and other celebrity couples' houses would be discussed in more detail in the upcoming episode, which is scheduled to be broadcast on May 29. 
Lee Seung GiAfter the preview was unveiled, their luxury home made headlines. 

Regarding this 'front-page' 'fact' about Lee Seung Gi, his management agency Human Made Entertainment stepped up, noting that it was not true at all. 

On May 25, his agency made clear that the preview was aired based on false information. 

"Lee Seung Gi and Lee Dain don't live in that house that was shown on TV. That's not their newlywed home like they stated. We're quite upset that the broadcasting company televised something without even checking whether it's true. What's been aired is completely baseless. We have gotten in touch with them, asking to make amends in any ways they can." 

"We're in a difficult and frustrating position as false information has been delivered to people as if it is real. We will keep monitoring the situation and take action if necessary.", they added. 
Lee Seung GiLee Seung GiLee Seung Gi and Lee Dain tied the knot in April, after a 2-year relationship. 

(Credit= tvN Free Doctor, Human Made Entertainment)

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