2PM CHANSUNG Says His One-Year-Old Daughter Looks Just Like Him

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 26, 2023

2PM CHANSUNG Says His One-Year-Old Daughter Looks Just Like Him
CHANSUNG of K-pop boy group 2PM, who is also an actor, talked about his marriage life and his one-year-old daughter.

As ENA's series 'Bo-ra! Deborah' came to a close on May 25, CHANSUNG had an interview with a news source.

'Bo-ra! Deborah' revolves around Korea's number-one love coach/columnist 'Yeon Bo-ra' (actress Yoo In Na) who is failing in her own love life.

CHANSUNG played 'Noh Joo-wan' who dated 'Yeon Bo-ra' for three years with the intention of marrying her someday.

However, 'Yeon Bo-ra' ends up breaking up with him after he was caught cheating on her.
CHANSUNGWhen asked about his wife's reaction to his character, CHANSUNG said she complimented him on his portrayal of a 'bad guy'.

"Her exact words were, 'People hate you. That means your acting is good.'", said the actor.

Unlike his character, this working father was busy being fully committed to filming and parenting, according to CHANSUNG.

"When the day's schedule is over, I went home and did the house chores. I rarely do anything other than parenting with my wife on the weekends."

CHANSUNG married an 8-year-older wife in December of 2021 and had a daughter last July.

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"I think the marriage was a watershed moment.", he said, "Since the second act of my life has begun, I have been working hard to achieve my goals."
CHANSUNGThe actor, singer, and devoted father describe the new chapter in his life as taxing yet satisfying.

"Of course, I feel the burden of supporting my family as a father. Lots of things are at stake in my actions. When I was single, all I had to worry about was myself. Now every decision feels heavier thinking about the effects it may cause, not just to me but also to my wife and child."

Then CHANSUNG started spilling out about his child; he added, "My daughter looks exactly like me."

"I want her to be proud and feel close to her dad when she is of an age to go to school. I wish she could recognize my efforts when she is all grown up.", said CHANSUNG.

Nowadays celebrity children are big on television, and many television shows are featuring them.

However, CHANSUNG says he has no plans to make his one-year-old child's life public at the moment.

"I'll let her do it if she grows up and wants to.", CHANSUNG said after revealing that he declined to participate in one of those television shows.

"Once you go on the air, there's no going back. At her age, I believe I should respect my child's privacy. I don't want to open her life by now.", he adamantly stated.
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