DARA Got Dumped After Ghosting Her Boyfriend a Day Before Their Planned Trip?

By  Lee Narin  | May 26, 2023

DARA Got Dumped After Ghosting Her Boyfriend a Day Before Their Planned Trip?
K-pop artist DARA talked about the time when she got dumped after ghosting her celebrity boyfriend a day before their planned trip together. 

On May 25, DARA guested on entertainer Tak Jae Hoon's YouTube's show. 

During their conversation, DARA looked back on her days as a member of girl group 2NE1. 

DARA said, "I was pretty popular since the moment I made debut. A lot of guys in the industry asked me out at that time. Because I debuted at an age considerably older than most other rookie K-pop group members, sunbaes found it easier to approach me, and hoobaes liked me for being noona." 
DARATak Jae-hoon asked, "In that case, have you ever dated another celebrity before?" 

Without even flinching or seeming bothered, DARA immediately blurted out that she did.

But she emphasized that it was 'cyber love', meaning that they mostly texted each other, and only went on one to two dates. 
DARAThen, DARA unraveled this sad(?) love story, "I actually got dumped, because I wouldn't go out to meet him in person. It's pretty depressing." 

She continued, "At that time, I wasn't really in Korea much; the majority of the time, I was overseas for my work. Then, I once managed to get some time off over the Lunar New Year holidays. So, my ex and I decided to go on a trip together. But the thing was, I had never gone on a trip with my boyfriend until then. As the date came close, I got more and more scared." 

She explained what made her feel so scared like that, "If I went on a trip with him, that meant we would have to spend the night together. I also had to use the bathroom with him around. So, I just avoided his calls. He called me all night, but I didn't answer any of his calls. Several days after that, he dumped me.", then awkwardly chuckled. 

Upon listening to her story, Tak Jae-hoon asked if she was over that fear now. 

DARA answered, "Of course. I'm totally over it! As you can tell by listening to my 'cyber love' story, I used to be a really shy person. But I think I lost a good amount of shyness while being on various television shows in the past." 

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