MIYEON Thought She Would Dominate the K-pop World with Her Beauty After Debut?

By  Lee Narin  | May 26, 2023

MIYEON Thought She Would Dominate the K-pop World with Her Beauty After Debut?

MIYEON of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE shared that she was disappointed after her debut, because her beauty was not shaking the K-pop world as much as she expected it to. 

On May 25, (G)I-DLE guested on one of SBS' YouTube channels MMTG. 

In this video, the hosts Jae-jae was seen walking (G)I-DLE members through some of their hit tracks. 

While speaking about their beloved debut track 'Latata', Jae-jae mentioned them winning first place on a music show with the song only after 20 days of debut, "What a moment, right? I remember your acceptance speech. You were all crying your eyes out then." 

MIYEON excitedly commented, "Oh, I remember that exact moment as well. It's still vivid in my head!" 

Jae-jae laughed and shared the most likely reason why MIYEON had such a clear memory of that time, while other members did not, "I know why. It was because you didn't cry like them. You were trying to look pretty on the camera the whole time." 

MIYEON responded, "Ah yes, you're right. I was simply happy then. I didn't even understand why they were crying at that time. Since they were all in tears, I was like, 'I should at least look good on camera.'" 
MIYEONMIYEONThen, Jae-jae told MIYEON, "I actually heard something funny about you. I heard that before you made debut, you thought to yourself, 'If I make debut, I'll probably take over the K-pop world with my beauty.' But after your debut, you were a little disappointed, since it wasn't making that much of an impact on the industry as you had initially thought." 

MIYEON laughingly replied, "Yeah, I was quite sad, indeed. But I was happy enough that my group members told me that I was pretty." 
MIYEONAt the end of the video, MIYEON shared what kind of struggles she has when performing 'Queencard'―(G)I-DLE's new track. 

"I don't really know what facials expressions I should make during the performance. The song is filled with confidence, so I don't know how far I have to go with pretending to look pretty." 

When Jae-jae commented, "But you must know how to pretend like you look pretty. I feel like you will be good at it." 

To this, MIYEON shrugged and responded, "Well, I don't usually have to pretend as if I'm pretty. That's why I find it so hard.", making Jae-jae laugh, and the rest of the group's members shake their heads like they are going, 'Not again.' 

(Credit= '문명특급 - MMTG' YouTube, 'G.I.DLE.CUBE' Facebook)

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