RAIN Warns Future Wife of 'Workout Junky' Kim Jong-kook: "Please Understand…"

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 26, 2023

RAIN Warns Future Wife of 'Workout Junky' Kim Jong-kook: "Please Understand…"
Singer/actor RAIN accused singer/entertainer Kim Jong-kook of being a workout addict.

On May 25, RAIN posted a snapshot of his text conversation with Kim Jong-kook.

RAIN shared an article titled, 'Can Too Much Strength Training Kill You?'

The article was about a study that found that doing weight training more than seven times per week may increase the risk of death.

RAIN sent the article with the message, "Brother, it is time for you to cut it down.", to Kim Jong-kook.

He was teasing the star who is known for being a workout addict like himself.

Kim Jong-kook replied, "LOL, I'd rather die soon."

The workout junkies agreed to reduce their training to once a day in the screenshotted conversation.
RAIN & Kim Jong-kookAs he shared their funny chat on Instagram, RAIN wrote a letter to Kim Jong-kook's future wife in the caption.

"Please understand him choosing protein over a meal. Keep in mind that when he disappears for two hours every night, he is at the gym. If he says, 'I'll go outside for a while…', on holidays, he'll be with me, lifting weights.", RAIN wrote.

Then resumed, "If you get suspicious, thinking he has someone else, that's me. Please understand that holding his hand may feel like grabbing the turtle's shell. When he suddenly seems washed up, just know that he has been weightlifting. Please understand him…"
RAIN & Kim Jong-kookIt was a nudge to Kim Jong-kook, who is as obsessed with muscle training as himself, that his future wife will need some explanation.

However, his friend's reaction was cold.

Singer KCM wrote in the comments section, "Yeah, you're one to talk…"
RAIN & Kim Jong-kookRAIN & Kim Jong-kook(Credit= 'rainoppa' 'kjk76' Instagram, '김종국 GYM JONG KOOK' YouTube)

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