WINNER MINO Attends His Sister's Wedding in California While on Military Duty

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 30, 2023

WINNER MINO Attends His Sister's Wedding in California While on Military Duty
MINO of K-pop boy group WINNER was spotted long-haired at his younger sister Song Dana's wedding.

On May 28 (GMT-7), Song Dana had a wedding in San Francisco, California, the United States.

Song Dana is also known to have been a part of K-pop girl group New.F.O who debuted in 2011.

Footage of the beautiful wedding ceremony was shared on social media by wedding guests.

The bride's older brother MINO walked her down the aisle, holding hands.
It seems the singer has taken over the role of their father who passed away last November.

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Later that night during the wedding reception, the sibling drew a cheer from the crowd by dancing flawlessly to the music.
MINO gave his baby sister a big hug on her magical day.
MINOHowever, many have questioned how the singer was able to go to the wedding outside of the country while conducting supplemental service as an alternative to military duty in Korea.

Plus, his long black hair raised some eyebrows.
MINOIn March, MINO was announced to have attended the recruit training center for basic military service.

The singer must have had to shave his head back then, even though he is currently serving alternative service.

To clear the matter, his agency, YG ENTERTAINMENT, provided details about MINO's situation on May 29.

The singer was granted military leave specifically for major family events, according to the company.

The agency also disclosed that; contrary to its previous statement, the WINNER member had not even been enlisted to the recruit training center.

YG ENTERTAINMENT mentioned, "MINO did not attend recruit training service since he was excluded from basic military training.", but did not elaborate on the reason.

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