Pregnant & Engaged Um Hyeon Kyung♥Cha Seo Won Have Been Dropping Hints?

By  Cho Yunjung  | Jun 5, 2023

Pregnant & Engaged Um Hyeon Kyung♥Cha Seo Won Have Been Dropping Hints?
While actress Um Hyeon Kyung and actor Cha Seo Won have announced their engagement and a baby on the way, their previous signals pointing to each other have been revealed.

On June 5, the agencies of Um Hyeon Kyung and Cha Seo Won confirmed that the two stars had been dating and are planning to marry.

"They are expecting a precious new life, too.", they added, referring to Um Hyeon Kyung's pregnancy.

Since the groom-to-be enlisted in the army last November, the wedding is said to take place once Cha Seo Won is discharged.

The due date has not been publicized to protect the actress' privacy.

This surprising news that seems to have come out of nowhere has broken the internet.

However, the couple has been leaving crumbs of their affection that apparently have run over the cup.

When the two leads of MBC's drama, 'The Second Husband' appeared on a television show together, people around them may have sensed their romance. 
Um Hyun Kyung & Cha Seo WonWhen Um Hyeon Kyung and Cha Seo Won guested on MBC's television show, 'Radio Star', the actress stated that she recommended Cha Seo Won as the drama's male lead who plays her husband.

The drama was a watershed moment for Cha Seo Won, winning him unprecedented love―and maybe some more.

"Um Hyeon Kyung called, said that she wants to recommend me for the position, and asked me if my schedule is okay.", said Cha Seo Won.

He then brazenly stated, "I was a little disappointed because what I expected was a dinner date."

His audacious remark riled up the studio.
Um Hyun Kyung & Cha Seo WonWhen one of the hosts, comedian Kim Gu-ra asked Cha Seo Won if he is romantically interested in Um Hyeon Kyung, the actor vaguely replied, "If I get the chance."

He even admitted that Um Hyeon Kyung is her ideal type of woman.

"She moved me from the shadow to the light. I was the type of actor who always played a gloomy low-life. But this time, thanks to her, I get to play a character that is adored and appreciated.", he said.

Um Hyeon Kyung too, was not shy about sending subtle words about her loved one on air.

Recently, the actress has been winking at the prospect of her marriage.

When she and her friends were discussing whether they would marry in the next decade on MBC's television show 'Omniscient Interfering View' last August, the actress said, "I might be the first one to go."

"For 18 years, my New Year's resolution was to get married. Having a baby and starting a family has been my dream since I was a child. I want to make a loving family. It would be like having people who are always on my side."

When she was asked if she was dating anybody, she said, "I have someone in mind. I hope he will be my future husband."
Um Hyun Kyung & Cha Seo WonUm Hyeon Kyung's open admission implying that she is dating someone has gotten a lot of attention.

And it was discovered today that her 'someone' was Cha Seo Won.
Um Hyun Kyung & Cha Seo Won(Credit= 'MBCentertainment' 'MBCdrama' YouTube, 'ringirin' Instagram)

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