Beenzino Thinks One Should Engage in Marriage as They Do with Any Other Job

By  Cho Yunjung  | Jul 6, 2023

Beenzino Thinks One Should Engage in Marriage as They Do with Any Other Job
Hip-hop artist Beenzino spoke out about his married life with Stefanie Michova.

The video interview with Beenzino was posted on the 'HIPHOPLE' YouTube channel on July 4.

He talked about his freshly released album, 'NOWITZKI'.

"As always, the main theme is life itself.", said Beenzino, "The album is full comprehension of events that I've been through, my thoughts, and some instant moments that happened from before I joined the army in 2017 to 2022."

After years of dating, Beenzino married German model Stefanie Michova last year.
BeenzinoThe rapper says that he wanted to call the album 'Stefanie' after his wife.

"I originally named it 'Stefanie'. But if I went along with that name, my wife would have to deal with the aftereffect.", he said with a smile, adding that he changed his mind thinking it would be too stressful for Stefanie Michova.

He titled the record 'NOWITZKI' likely after former German NBA player Dirk Nowitzki.

After its release, fans were left wondering what the basketball player had to do with his album.

"It's 'Stefanie' in my head, but I decided to cover it up with 'NOWITZKI'. I think it's a terrific album title. I needed to play with fans' brains a little, so it was perfect."
Beenzino'NOWITZKI', Beenzino's first album in seven years, was released on July 3 and has received a lot of attention from hip-hop fans.

However, as much as it has been praised, it has also been criticized for being too experimental.

The rapper mentioned the polarizing reviews and said, "People said that 'NOWITZKI' is hard to understand, and I get that."

"It's such a personal album, so it is obviously not for everyone. I enjoy creating unique music. It's better than being mundane. Why do the art if you're going to make sense with everything?"
BeenzinoWrapping up, Beenzino revealed his plans for his next move, one of which concerned his marital life.

"I'm doing my best in there. I think of marriage as my other job,", he said, "and you have to participate in it the same way you do in your career."

The rapper elaborated, "I shouldn't enter our home as if I'm living there alone, doing whatever I want, just because it is the house of our marriage and I'm the husband. That is, in my opinion, unacceptable behavior in marriage."

"I've learned that marriage is also a profession. I have to give my best in there and make various stories within. So, having a great married life is a part of my plan for the next step.", said Beenzino.
Beenzino(Credit= '힙합엘이 / HIPHOPLE' YouTube, 'realisshoman' Instagram)

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