"You've Cut off All Your Friends?" Ko Woorim Talks about His Married Life with Kim Yuna

By  Cho Yunjung  | Aug 28, 2023

"You've Cut off All Your Friends?" Ko Woorim Talks about His Married Life with Kim Yuna
Ko Woorim of crossover male vocal quartet Forestella opened up about his married life with figure skating Olympic gold medalist Kim Yuna.

On the August 27 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy', Ko Woorim appeared as a guest host.

The singer claimed that he appeared on the show to return the show's host, comedian Shin Dong-yeop's favor.

"Shin Dong-yeop officiated my wedding ceremony. Knowing that he's the host, I came running in a heartbeat when offered to appear on the show.", said Ko Woorim.

Shin Dong-yeop described how beautiful their wedding ceremony was by saying, "It was magnificent. That was the wedding of the century."
Ko Woorim & Kim YunaThe first time they met was on Kim Yuna's ice skating show, 'All that Skate 2018' held in May 2018, as Forestella was invited to perform at the event.

They have dated for three years and tied the knot in October of last year.

The Forestella members, including the groom, performed the very song they did at 'All that Skate 2018' for the wedding.

On the show, Ko Woorim recounted the time he first asked Kim Yuna out, which was on the day they first met.

"I'm younger than Kim Yuna. I was nervous about asking her out, thinking she might not take me seriously because of my age.", said Ko Woorim.

"However, I recalled the saying, 'Only the brave get the beauty.', and decided to tell her how I felt. That's how I asked her out.", he explained.
Ko Woorim & Kim YunaAfter Ko Woorim talked, Shin Dong-yeop jumped in to share what he had heard about their romance.

"When I had dinner with the couple before their wedding, I heard some fascinating details about how they first met. Watching Kim Yuna perform at the ice show, Ko Woorim instantly fell in love with her. Kim Yuna came to thank Forestella members for performing on the show, and Ko Woorim got this gut feeling that he would forever be regretful if he didn't take the courage and ask her out."
Ko Woorim & Kim YunaSome might change after marriage, but Ko Woorim says he has not.

The singer mentioned his consistency in front of his wife as one of his greatest qualities as a husband.

"I have been the same from the beginning of our relationship.", he said, and added, "I don't smoke or drink alcoholic drinks and don't hang out with friends too often. I've been spending a lot of time at home, and I think she'd have liked it."
Ko Woorim & Kim YunaAnother host, Seo Jang Hoon jokingly asked him, "So, are you saying that you've cut off all your friends to win Kim Yuna's heart?"

"Well… Yeah, I guess you could say that.", Ko Woorim replied with a smile and resumed, "No one has really been making me contacts other than my real close friends."

Then, the happy husband went on to describe their wonderful married life, including that while he tries to cook for his wife, Kim Yuna makes an effort to do more of it for him and how great her cooking skill is.
Ko Woorim & Kim Yuna(Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy, 'yunakim' Instagram)

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