CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Exposes the Newest K-Pop Stars' Dating Life Secrets

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 7, 2023

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Exposes the Newest K-Pop Stars' Dating Life Secrets
Jung Yong Hwa of K-pop boy band CNBLUE shared a new way K-pop stars secretly date each other. 

Recently, Jung Yong Hwa guested on entertainer Pungja's YouTube show 'Pungja Loves Alcohol'. 

Given that Jung Yong Hwa is releasing his new solo mini album soon, Pungja asked him about the title track 'Your City'. 

As Jung Yong Hwa illustrated 'Your City' to be a song about leaving a beloved city that changed over time, Pungja commented, "It's basically about finally deciding to leave your girlfriend long after you realize she was no longer that person you fell in love with, isn't it?" 

Then, she asked, "When did you make the song? This year? Did you go through a heartbreak this year or something? It was the end of last year for me." 

Jung Yong Hwa sweated at a series of her questions about his breakup, then answered, "I did make the song this year, but it was nothing like that. If I were to tell you a fun fact about 'Your City' is that it only took me about 10 minutes to complete it." 

In response to this, Pungja joked, "You must've had a really rough time after a breakup. I mean, you trying to get over her and completely move on in just 10 minutes? Ah, that breaks my heart!" 

After laughing for ages, Jung Yong Hwa pleaded to stop there, seeming scared of consequences, like the start of rumors, that may follow. 
Jung Yong HwaPungja stopped teasing him, but was still curious about a dating life of K-pop stars; she asked, "A great number of K-pop stars secretly date one another, and I'm just wondering, what is the best way to be in a relationship without being noticed by others?" 

Jung Yong Hwa said, "Well, I've heard that a lot has changed these days. The dating culture in the industry isn't like the old days at all. Since many K-pop stars have access to their phones, iPhone's AirDrop function has become the go-to method now, as far as I'm aware." 

When asked why that was the case, Jung Yong Hwa explained, "KakaoTalk is a much easier messaging service to use, but you can also get caught by your agency staff very easily. If you use AirDrop, then you can avoid being caught by them. So, whenever those two in a secret relationship are at the same beauty salon or event, they apparently AirDrop each other to talk. Such a thing didn't exist in my time." 

Pungja excitedly replied, "In that case, I should turn my AirDrop on from now on, so that anyone can message me. I mean... I might be able to get something started that way, you never know!" 
Jung Yong HwaJung Yong Hwa(Credit= 'Jotdaetguyo Studio - JDGY STUDIO ' YouTube)

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