VIDEO: Kim Sejeong Bursts Into Tears as She Meets Her Role Model IU

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 8, 2023

VIDEO: Kim Sejeong Bursts Into Tears as She Meets Her Role Model IU
Singer/actress Kim Seojeong was seen full of tears in front of her role model K-pop artist IU. 

On September 7, IU unveiled the lastest episode of her YouTube show 'Palette' featuring Kim Sejeong. 

Immediately after sitting down on her seat, Kim Sejeong told IU while blushing, "This is a pretty widely-known fact, but I'm a huge fan of yours." 

Nodding, as if IU knew that, she said, "Yeah, I know, because you've mentioned that on a lot of shows before." 
IU and Kim SejeongThen, Kim Sejeong shared a detailed reason why she decided to join 'Palette' on this day, "Ever since I started singing, you've been my role model. You'll always be my role model. That's why I'm here today, to see you." 

She made an interesting suggestion after that, "There was something I really wanted to do when I met you. I want to make eye contact with you for 10 seconds, without saying any words. Can we please do that?" 

IU was like, "Oh, of course! We can for sure!", making Kim Sejeong smile ear to ear. 

But as soon as they locked their eyes, Kim Sejeong was unable to control the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

Kim Sejeong seemed overwhelmed by the fact that she was sitting in the same room with a person whom she had long admired. 
IU and Kim SejeongWiping her tears with a bright smile on her face, Kim Sejeong said to IU, "I'm just very happy right now, that's all." 

She excitedly continued, "Do you remember posting my cover of your song on your social media? It almost felt like a dream then. I honestly couldn't ask for more." 

IU explained why she posted Kim Sejeong's cover on her social media, "I watched your cover, and I totally fell in love with it. You sounded amazing! I loved the cover, so I had to post it." 

Seeming happy, Kim Sejeong commented, "Thank you. It was all thanks to you that I was able to improve my singing skills. I used to copy the way your sang. I still do." 

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube) 

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