TWICE JIHYO's Mother Shares a Shocking Fact: JIHYO Was Born Super Ugly

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 8, 2023

TWICE JIHYO's Mother Shares a Shocking Fact: JIHYO Was Born Super Ugly
JIHYO of K-pop girl group TWICE's mother revealed that JIHYO was born extremely ugly. 

On September 6, TWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment released a video of JIHYO on YouTube. 

The video was of JIHYO reminiscing about her childhood by looking at some past photos with her parents at her family home. 
JIHYOThe first photo that she encountered upon opening a massive photo album was her newborn photo. 

As soon as JIHYO saw the photo, she repeatedly went, "Oh, wow... I look... I look hideous...!" 

JIHYO's mother told JIHYO, "You were born with a 3.5 kg weight, so a bit heavier than other newborns, but you were still within the normal range." 

Remembering JIHYO's early days, her father joked, "You were awfully ugly back then."

Acting like it was not the first time she heard her parent letting her know about that, JIHYO laughed and asked her mother, "Didn't you say that you cried because I was born so ugly?" 

Without hesitating for a single second, JIHYO's mother exclaimed, "Oh, yes. I did!", then explained, "I thought all newborn babies were cute, so when I saw you... I was really surprised." 
JIHYOBut according to JIHYO's mother, JIHYO was not ugly for long, "You were born sick, so you had to stay in the incubator for a while. Your looks drastically changed during your time in the incubator." 

She continued, "You had become so unbelievably beautiful that the nurse was like, 'In my ten years of nursing, I have never seen a baby this beautiful.'", sounding proud.  

As JIHYO is known for her natural beauty, who seemed like there was no time in her life when she was ugly, it was interesting but also shocking to many fans to learn that she was once ugly, even though it was only for a couple of weeks. 

(Credit= 'TWICE' YouTube) 

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