Kim Jong-kook Is Astounded by the Massive HYBE Headquarters

By  Cho Yunjung  | Sep 8, 2023

Kim Jong-kook Is Astounded by the Massive HYBE Headquarters
Singer/entertainer Kim Jong-kook visited the HYBE headquarters and was quite enthusiastic about it.

On the September 7 episode of Kim Jong-kook's YouTube show, he and bodybuilder Ma Sun-ho visited the headquarters of HYBE, an entertainment company.

Before they went into the building, Kim Jong-kook wanted to make sure that Ma Sun-ho would not make a fuss even if they came across HYBE artists like BTS and NewJeans.
Kim Jong-kookDuring their visit to HYBE headquarters, however, Kim Jong-kook turned out to be the more excited one.

As they walked into the building, Kim Jong-kook expressed awe at the massive building, saying, "I'm so proud to see how far the Korean entertainment industry has come."

On the first floor, waiting for the elevator to come, Kim Jong-kook was stunned at how high the ceiling was.

"If they were to make the ceiling so high, why not install a rock climbing wall?", he said, and Ma Sun-ho nodded.
Kim Jong-kookThen Kim Jong-kook got excited over little details like the HYBE logo, noting its resemblance to the shape of a barbell.

Watching Kim Jong-kook look around and admire the building, Ma Sun-ho could not help but tease him a little.

"Is it your first time here? You're more excited than I am! Aren't you a veteran singer with 28 years of experience? You told me earlier not to make a fuss about visiting HYBE, but you've been looking around here with more interest than I have.", he jokingly said, embarrassing Kim Jong-kook.
Kim Jong-kook"Hey! When do I get to visit HYBE? I'm here to check out their fitness center, and that's it! My sole interest in this building is its gym. Nothing here matters to me other than that!", he exclaimed, trying to hide his enthusiasm.

Ma Sun-ho gave him some disapproving looks and mentioned how Kim Jong-kook seemed to startle whenever someone passed by.

As he asked Kim Jong-kook if he was expecting celebrities to walk by, Kim Jong-kook stuck to his earlier remark, saying, "Hey, what did I say? I'm not interested! I only care about the gym."
Kim Jong-kook(Credit= '김종국 GYM JONG KOOK' YouTube)

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