"Let's Give Him a Chance..." iKON BOBBY Shares Thoughts on Former Leader B.I

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 12, 2023

"Let's Give Him a Chance..." iKON BOBBY Shares Thoughts on Former Leader B.I
BOBBY of K-pop boy group iKON shared his thoughts on the group's former leader B.I through Instagram comments. 

Lately, the topic of bringing all the iKON members together, including B.I, was discussed in the comment section of BOBBY's Instagram post.

Nevertheless, not everyone agreed; many opposed it, arguing that the group should always consist of six members as it is, emphasizing that they do not ever want B.I back.

As their argument heated up, BOBBY opened up, saying in English, "Don't put your work into OT6 or OT7 ('One True 6/7'). I'm not trying to be political here, I'm only telling you how I feel about that person. STOP THIS WAR." 
BOBBYThen, BOBBY added a comment about B.I, "I truly understand how you feel because he is my brother. He did negatively influence the next generation, but I can't quit loving him. He understands what he did was wrong and everything. Let's not make this whole game commercial and sxxt though."

He continued, "I love him as much as you do. Don't forget that he's a good dude. Let's give him an opportunity to make amends, making it up to you. Forgiveness is the most noble act a human being can do." 
BOBBYA few moments later, BOBBY also replied to a Korean fan who expressed how hurt he/she was because of B.I's actions. 

BOBBY told this fan, "I can only thank iKONIC for everything. I'm fully aware of how hurt you were, how much you shed tears for us and the amount of work you put into loving and supporting us. I'm not advocating his actions. It was simply not easy for me to see you guys fighting over the situation. I wanted this to be stopped. That was all." 

He went on, "I don't have hard feelings for him or anything. He's just one of the people that I live in the same era now. But I'm sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I'm truly sorry. It breaks my heart seeing iKONIC being so upset, and fight each other." 
BOBBYBack in 2016, B.I was caught smoking marijuana and trying to purchase LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). 

After being caught, his case was forwarded to the prosecution in 2019; he left iKON then. 

In September 2021, B.I was given a four-year suspended sentence on charges of illicit drug use. 

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