Park Myung-soo Shares Hilarious Texts He Received from JIN in the Army

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 12, 2023

Park Myung-soo Shares Hilarious Texts He Received from JIN in the Army
Entertainer Park Myung-soo shared hilarious texts he received from JIN of K-pop boy group BTS in the military.

On September 8, Park Myung-soo posted a video of him going to a membership warehouse club as part of his YouTube show 'Halmyungsoo'. 

Before shopping, Park Myung-soo stopped by the food court that sold a variety of mouthwatering foods. 

He ordered a bunch of foods, since his staff explained that they were going to use their company credit card to pay, then found a table to sit after picking them up. 
Park Myung-sooWhile sharing these foods with his staff members, Park Myung-soo told them an interesting story, "I recently received a text from JIN. He was like, 'You know, I'm really disappointed in you.'"

"JIN happened to watch the past episode of this show where I was asked to name the celebrity who, in my opinion, was the most good-looking I had ever seen in person. As you guys know, I didn't say it was JIN. It seemed like he got a little upset because of that."

Park Myung-soo was referring to the episode of 'Halmyungsoo' that was unveiled at the beginning of last month, in which he picked Han Yujin of project boy group ZEROBASEONE as the most handsome celebrity he had seen in real life. 
Park Myung-sooContinuing the story, Park Myung-soo laughingly stated, "After getting that text, I sent JIN a long message saying that I was sorry. JIN replied, 'Okay! I will join 'Halmyungsoo' again when I'm done with my military service.' I felt grateful to him for his kind words." 

Then, Park Myung-soo pointed out that he did not name JIN for a good reason, "JIN is super good-looking, of course. That's just obvious. Simply put, I didn't mention him since his handsomeness is out-of-this-world kind of handsomeness. So, yeah. There's no need for you to get upset, JIN.", then chuckled. 
Park Myung-sooIn November 2022, JIN featured in the special episode of 'Halmyungsoo'. 

At that time, it was revealed that Park Myung-soo and JIN exchanged their number following their shooting. 

(Credit= '할명수' YouTube, Military Manpower Administration) 

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