"While Mentioning Yim Siwan's Trip with You..." Hwang Kwang Hee Aplogizes to Jung Hae In

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 18, 2023

"While Mentioning Yim Siwan's Trip with You..." Hwang Kwang Hee Aplogizes to Jung Hae In
K-pop boy group ZE:A's member Hwang Kwang Hee apologized to actor Jung Hae In for the mistake he made on 'Pinggyego' while mentioning his group member Yim Siwan's trip with Jung Hae In. 

On September 16, entertainer Yu Jae Seok-hosted YouTube show 'Pinggyego' released their new episode featuring Hwang Kwang Hee and Yim Siwan.  

During the talk, Yu Jae Seok curiously asked if the two were close enough to be considered best friends. 

Yim Siwan playfully answered, "Well... As everybody around us keeps calling us best friends, I've started to believe that it might actually be true." 

Then, special host Ji Suk-jin asked Yim Siwan if Hwang Kwang Hee was one of his top two choices as a travel buddy. 
Hwang Kwang HeeWhen Yim Siwan was about to answer, Hwang Kwang Hee chimed in and expressed anger about Yim Siwan going on a trip with Jung Hae In recently. 

Raising his voice, Hwang Kwang Hee said, "He traveled with Jung Hae In just a while ago. With Jung Hae In! Can you guys believe that? I mean, seriously? He even commented under Jung Hae In's Instagram post, saying, 'We should go again.' afterward." 

He continued, "For all this time I've known him, he's never left a comment on someone's Instagram saying he wants to go on a trip with them again. Look, Siwan, how many years have we known each other? Is this for real?" 

To this, Yim Siwan laughingly stated, "I do feel close to Kwang Hee. I feel comfortable around him and stuff, but my energy drains after like two hours with him.", making Yu Jae Seok and Ji Suk-jin laugh and go, "Yeah, we totally get what you mean by that." 

It may seem like Hwang Kwang Hee had made a harmless remark about Jung Hae In, but there was one thing he forgot to pay attention to; he should have used the suffix 'nim' (the highest form of honorifics) after Jung Hae In's name, since he does not personally know him. 

Hwang Kwang Hee noticed this after the release of this episode, and speedily visited Jung Hae In's Instagram to apologize.

Under the photos from Jung Hae In's trip with Yim Siwan, Hwang Kwang Hee wrote, "Hi, Jung Hae In-nim. This is Siwan's friend Kwang Hee. When I filmed today-premiered episode of 'Pinggyego', I brought up the fact that Siwan recently went on a trip with you. While doing so, I got slightly too agitated that I happened to address you as 'Jung Hae In' instead of 'Jung Hae In-nim' with proper honorifics." 

He went on, "I felt bad about referring to you so casually when I'd never even met you; I couldn't stop thinking about it. So, I wanted to leave you a comment to explain and apologize. I hope you have a great day!" 
Hwang Kwang HeeThen, on September 17, Jung Hae In found Hwang Kwang Hee's heartfelt comment among thousands of comments, and replied to him. 

The actor said, "Hi! Oh, haha...! Siwan has told me a lot about you, because we're the same age and all. The three of us should definitely meet up one day!"  

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