"It Was True Love" Jeon So Min Says She Once Dated a K-pop Boy Group Member

By  Cho Yunjung  | Sep 18, 2023

"It Was True Love" Jeon So Min Says She Once Dated a K-pop Boy Group Member

Actress Jeon So Min admitted that she had dated a member of a K-pop boy group in the past.

On the September 17 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the cast members gathered one by one, somewhat strangely dressed.

In keeping with the day's 'Y2K' theme, the cast members wore clothes that were in fashion around the turn of the millennium.
Jeon So MinThe outfits made the members remember their past when they were much younger and much poorer.

"I made money with a part-time job, but it was never enough.", Jeon So Min told Yu Jae Seok nearby.

Knowing her past love story, Yu Jae Seok asked, "Wasn't it because you have spent too much on your then-boyfriend?"

Jeon So Min agreed, and she said that she used to save money by eating cheap convenience store foods for lunch.

"I had to so that we could go on a date. He didn't have money.", Jeon So Min explained.
Jeon So MinJeon So Min's past love story continued as the cast members of 'Running Man' visited a café.

Sipping a cup of iced americano, Jeon So Min noted that while she was a poor college student, she learned to enjoy iced americano because it was the least expensive beverage available.

Yu Jae Seok chimed in, "Jeon So Min told me that she made money by working part-time, but spent most of it on her then-boyfriend and had very little left over for herself."

Then, Jeon So Min surprised the group by telling them why she paid for their dates by herself while she was dating her then-boyfriend.

"He had a job, too, but it didn't really pay him. He used to be in a K-pop boy group that was pretty much unknown.", she said, adding, "Anyway, he's not doing that now."
Jeon So MinMembers of 'Running Man' were desperate to know who Jeon So Min's ex-boyfriend was, and one of them, Yang Sechan, said he in fact was an acquaintance with him.

"When I told him that I will be on 'Running Man' with Jeon So Min, he seemed to be already aware of that.", he said, adding that it was then that he got the impression that Jeon So Min and the person had dated in the past.

"That's because we genuinely loved each other.", Jeon So Min said dramatically, making everyone else cringe.

"True love, that's what it was.", she added.
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