"I Want to Become a Model" Choo Sa Rang Attends a Modeling Academy

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 18, 2023

"I Want to Become a Model" Choo Sa Rang Attends a Modeling Academy
It has been revealed that Korean-Japanese MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon's daughter Choo Sa Rang is preparing herself to become a model. 

On September 17 episode of KBS' television show 'I Am the Boss', Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sa Rang featured as guests. 

In this episode, Choo Sung Hoon was seen visiting a modeling academy that Choo Sa Rang currently attends, saying that he wants to see her walk. 

According to Choo Sung Hoon, Choo Sa Rang began attending a modeling school about three weeks ago after she declared her desire to become a model. 

At the academy, Choo Sung Hoon watched her take a model runway walk class behind the classroom's glass door. 

As he saw how professionally she could walk and pose, he gasped in surprise, then called his wife Japanese model Yano Shiho right away. 

Sounding excited, he told her, "She's walking so well. I'm truly impressed!" 
Choo Sa RangFollowing the class, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sa Rang sat down with the instructor for consultation. 

When the instructor asked Choo Sa Rang if she was enjoying her classes, she replied, "Yeah, I'm having fun here. From walking lessons to theoretical classes, they're all fun." 

Then, the instructor mentioned her model mother by asking Choo Sa Rang, "Which parent do you think you resemble more, your mother or your father?"

Choo Sa Rang gave an answer that made her laugh, "I would say my mother. I'm as disorganized as her." 

Choo Sung Hoon nodded and said, "Oh, that's so true. Our house is never tidy, because Shiho always leaves her clothes everywhere after taking them off." 

He jokingly added, "I think she has some sort of 'model disease'. You know how models are supposed to change fast backstage and go out again, right? She uses her walk-in closet like the backstage. I told Sa Rang that she shouldn't do what Shiho does." 
Choo Sa RangAfter the talk, they got up and Choo Sa Rang got her height, weight, arm length and leg length measured; she was 154 cm, 34 kg with 53 cm arms and 100 cm legs. 

The intructor concluded that she was taller, skinnier with longer arms and legs than her peers, 

With a proud smile, Choo Sung Hoon told the instructor, "She was 147 cm three months ago, which means she grew 7 cm taller in the past three months.", then asked, "Does she have a good chance of becoming a model, in your opinion?"

The instructor answered, "Certainly. She concentrates well while walking, so she will be able to become one as long as she has a strong desire to do so."
Choo Sa Rang(Credit= KBS I Am the Boss) 

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