BAMBAM Complains to KEY About Not Giving Him B-Day Present When He Said He Would

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 18, 2023

BAMBAM Complains to KEY About Not Giving Him B-Day Present When He Said He Would

K-pop boy group GOT7's member BAMBAM made the cutest complaint to another boy group SHINee's member KEY. 

On September 15, BAMBAM's YouTube show 'Bam House' unveiled a new episode featuring KEY. 

While BAMBAM and KEY spoke together, KEY talked about being in his 30s, "Currently, I'm trying to make amends for all the mistakes I made in my 20s." 

He continued, "Looking back, I made a lot of poor decisions. More than I realized, I had done things the wrong way. But I believe I can fix those mistakes. I'm still not late to do so."
Bam HouseAfter quietly listening to each of his word, BAMBAM said, "Hyung... Do you remember the time I gave you a birthday present?" 

As KEY was taking too long trying to figure out when that was and what he had received from him, BAMBAM just told him, "I gave you that Saint Laurent scarf, remember?" 

With eyes widened in shock, KEY responded, "Oh my...! Was that from you?! I do remember receiving that as a birthday gift, but I had totally forgotten that you gave it to me. You know I put that scarf on everywhere I went, right?" 
Bam HouseBitterly, BAMBAM nodded, then proceeded to the main issue, "I was really poor then. I didn't have much money.", making KEY's palms sweaty. 

BAMBAM was not done though; he said, "You may not know this, but you were my first industry friend. At that time, I didn't know anyone except the artists at my agency. So, I wanted to get you something nice. That's why I bought that scarf for you." 

He went on, "When I gave you that scarf, you were like, 'I'll get you something on your birthday too.' But... You never gave one to me."
Bam HouseKEY lowered his head, regretting yet another error of his 20s, then he repeatedly apologized to BAMBAM. 

Afterward, he told BAMBAM, "I'll give you something on your birthday from now on. What do you want? I'll buy you whatever you want. Just tell me!"

Then, he took his hat off, and gave it to BAMBAM, saying, "I'm sorry. This is a Louis Vuitton hat. You take it, okay?"

(Credit= '뱀집' YouTube) 

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