FNC Ent. Announces RO WOON's Departure from SF9; He Shares a Handwritten Letter

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 18, 2023

FNC Ent. Announces RO WOON's Departure from SF9; He Shares a Handwritten Letter
RO WOON of K-pop boy group SF9 has left his group of seven years. 

On September 18, SF9's management agency made an official announcement regarding RO WOON. 

The agency stated, "The members of SF9 renewed their contract with us, however, the group will resume as a 8-member group without RO WOON from now on. RO WOON will be focusing on carrying out his individual schedules as well as building his acting career. Please continue to give them your support even though they're heading different directions." 
SF9A little while later, RO WOON took to SF9's online fan community to share his handwritten letter to the group's fans. 

RO WOON started off by saying, "It took me some time to start writing this letter, as I didn't know how to begin. In fact, I'm slightly scared to write to you since it's been long." 

"In the past several years, there have been times when I felt frustrated because I wasn't able to clarify every single misunderstanding, no matter how big or small. I remember thinking, 'I'm sure someday people will know that wasn't what I meant at that time.' whenever situations like that arose. Then, I simply continued doing what I had to do." 

"I understand that the more attention I got, the more hate I would get as well, but... I guess I was a bit of a coward. Instead of facing those people and telling them that they had misunderstood me, there were many days when I hid from everyone." 

"I would like to offer my sincere apology to my dear fans who may have been hurt due to my attitude; the attitude of attempting to live life an easier way. I'm sure some of you were also disappointed when you felt like I had changed; you found me to be different from how I used to be. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.", he added. 
SF9Then, RO WOON went on to thank his fans for their great love and support, "During my last seven years in the industry, I've worked with gratitude. And together, we created countless priceless memories. I was only filled with gratitude as I reflected on my life. You made all of this possible. Thank you."

"I'm 27, and I intend to begin something new. Keep a close eye on me and make sure this 27-year-old leads a responsible life. I promise you that I'll be the same guy that you remember. Thank you again.", he said, wrapping up this letter. 
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