Kwon Kwang-jin Says He Married the Fan He Dated When He Got Kicked Out of N.Flying

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 19, 2023

Kwon Kwang-jin Says He Married the Fan He Dated When He Got Kicked Out of N.Flying

It has been revealed that K-pop boy band N.Flying's former bassist Kwon Kwang-jin is now married to the fan he was dating when he got kicked out of his group almost five years ago. 

On September 15, Kwon Kwang-jin's interview was uploaded on a popular YouTube channel. 

In this interview, Kwon Kwang-jin specifically talked about his departure from the group; his agency at that time terminated his contract with them after learning that he was in a relationship with his fan. 

With an awkward smile, Kwon Kwang-jin said, "Yeah... I got kicked out of my agency and N.Flying, because I was dating a fan. At first, when words were going around, I lied to my agency, saying that I wasn't dating her. I was afraid to be honest with them because I had been taught not to date anyone. But later, I got caught." 

When questioned if he was upset about being forced out for dating, Kwon Kwang-jin answered, "Well, sexual harassment rumors began spreading as well, so the agency probably felt like there was nothing more they could do. I understand why they decided to kick me out. I probably would've done the same if I were them. It's not true that I sexually harassed any of my fans though." 
Kwon Kwang-jinKwon Kwang-jinBefore he got into detail about his sexual harassment rumors, Kwon Kwang-jin surprised the interviewers by stating that he married the fan he dated, "I married her last year. She's my wife now. It was love at first sight for me. She was shockingly beautiful." 

He went on, "I met my wife by chance. I heard that my birthday ad was up, so I went to see it. I met her there; she was the one who organized it. Feeling grateful for the event, I asked for her phone number." 

Then, Kwon Kwang-jin finally got to address sexual harassment rumors, "My wife's friend was the author of the online posts claiming that I had sexually harassed my fans. She was also my fan, and I think she was jealous that my wife and I were dating each other. She made the whole thing up. I was shocked that she had posted such ridiculous stories. I ended up suing her." 

Kwon Kwang-jin played bass for another boy band CNBLUE during their first album promotions in 2009, then went back to being a trainee. 

In May 2015, he made re-debut as a member of N.Flying; his then agency FNC Entertainment officially announced his contract termination in December 2018. 

(Credit= '기웃기웃' YouTube, FNC Entertainment) 

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