Producer Na Young-seok Reveals Kang Ha Neul's Another Good Deeds

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 19, 2023

Producer Na Young-seok Reveals Kang Ha Neul's Another Good Deeds
Actor Kang Ha Neul's additional good deeds have been publicized by star producer Na Young-seok. 

On September 18, Kang Ha Neul guested on Na Young-seok's YouTube Live. 

Given that Kang Ha Neul's coworkers have consistently told stories of his goodness., Na Young-seok was curious to know some details regarding it during his talk with him. 

Na Young-seok asked, "Is it true that you memorize every one of the production crew's names whenever you work on a new project? This is true, according to what I've heard." 

Kang Ha Neul laughed and answered, "I would like to correct that story. Since there are typically more than 100 of crew members for each project, it's impossible for me to remember all of their names."

The actor continued, "But I believe that it's impolite to go, 'Hey, excuse me.' every time I call them, so I usually begin to learn the names of those that I work the closest with, then slowly learn the names of the others. I think that somehow turned into 'Oh, he memorizes the names of everyone!'" 

He added, "I mean, we're working on the same project. We should be able to call each other by our names so that we can get our conversation properly going and stuff. That's why I learn their names. Don't get me wrong though, I don't push myself to learn them. It's not like I go, 'I have to learn all their names no matter what!'" 
Kang Ha NeulKang Ha NeulThen, Na Young-seok mentioned hearing about Kang Ha Neul giving his movie 'New Trial' (2017) production team's 'maknae' (the one with the least experience in the field) some money. 

In response to his comment, Kang Ha Neul said, "Did I? I might have. I don't quite remember it well. But I do often give maknaes some money on site." 

"Maknaes struggle the most on site. It's not like your work gets simpler as you gain experience, but... Maknaes are all fairly new to the site, and so they're constantly tense while working. Working is much harder for them." 

"Even if that were the case, they don't get treated better or anything. So, I started giving them little sums of money. I don't give them much because I'm afraid they won't want to accept it. So, just a little.", he explained with a shy smile. 
Kang Ha Neul(Credit= 'channel fullmoon' YouTube) 

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