SHINee KEY Shares Why SHINee Members Left a Space Between Them at Their Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 19, 2023

SHINee KEY Shares Why SHINee Members Left a Space Between Them at Their Concert

K-pop boy group SHINee's member KEY explained why the members of the group left a space between them at their concert. 

On September 19, one popular YouTube channel released a video of KEY, showing him reading some posts about him online.

One of the posts he encountered was a post uploaded on a popular online community 'theqoo'. 

The uploader wrote, "During talks at SHINee's most recent concert, I noticed KEY and MINHO remained closed to each other while TAEMIN stayed a bit away from them. The gap between MINHO and TAEMIN seems to be for JONGHYUN." 

KEY confirmed the fan's observation right away, saying, "Yeah, this is right. For almost 10 years, we've stood in a 5-member formation. So, we just always find ourselves standing like that. It's something that we can't help, as we're so used to it." 

He resumed, "We certainly didn't intend for there to be such a gap between us. It honestly wasn't intentional. But how amazing is that we stand that way! We find it pretty fascinating too." 
SHINeeSHINeeThis summer, SHINee held their 3-day concert 'Perfect Illumination' at KSPO Dome, Seoul, which was their first concert in almost seven years. 

Only three of SHINee members―KEY, MINHO and TAEMIN performed at the concert, since ONEW was on a break due to health issues. 

On all three days, they stood in the same order during conversation times with the audience; KEY and MINHO stood closely with one another, while TAEMIN stood a little away from them. 

Since the members of SHINee stood in order that went: ONEW, TAEMIN, JONGHYUN, MINHO, KEY when they used to take photos for official use, fans at that time were pretty sure that the gap between them was for JONGHYUN. 

Now that it has been confirmed that the gap was for JONGHYUN, although it was not done on purpose, fans are shedding tears at the fact that SHINee is OT5 ('One True 5'). 
SHINeeSHINeeBack in December 2017, JONGHYUN fell unconscious inside one residence complex in Seoul after attempting to take his own life.

He was immediately taken to hospital, but JONGHYUN failed to regain his consciousness. 

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