Jung Yong Hwa Tells Why He Promised Unpaid Participation in Some Uni Festivals

By  Cho Yunjung  | Sep 19, 2023

Jung Yong Hwa Tells Why He Promised Unpaid Participation in Some Uni Festivals

Jung Yong Hwa of K-pop boy band CNBLUE explained why he had promised to perform at several university festivals for free in the future.

On September 19, Jung Yong Hwa guested on KBS CoolFM's radio show 'Music Plaza', hosted by comedian Lee Eun-ji.

During the show, the host noted that many listeners had left comments saying that they fell in love with Jung Yong Hwa after seeing him perform at recent university festivals. 

"I've started performing at university festivals for the first time this year.", Jung Yong Hwa explained, "I was so thrilled at the opportunity. I think I was more pumped up than the students were."
Jung Yong Hwa"I wanted everyone in the crowd to have fun. I did the performance thinking, 'Let's all have fun together!', and the crowd seemed to like it.", he recalled.

"I read what people said about your performances at the festival, and some did mention that Jung Yong Hwa seemed more enthusiastic than anyone.", Lee Eun-ji remarked.

The host then shared a message from a listener, asking Jung Yong Hwa about a promise he made on stage recently.

It goes: "Hi, I saw you at the S University festival and you were awesome. You promised on the stage that you would perform at the S University festival for free from now on, and I've heard that you've made similar promises at other universities' festivals. You would come and perform at our festival next time, right?"
Jung Yong HwaTo this, Jung Yong Hwa laughingly said, "People's reaction to that was this year would be my final year to perform at university festivals."

"I made the promise at three different university festivals.", he explained, "It was my first time being invited to those festivals, and I felt so grateful that I wanted to pay back. I haven't yet discussed this with my agency, though."

"Performing at university festivals seems like such a meaningful thing to do. I mean, it is for the youths.", Lee Eun-ji said, adding that she could see why he had made such promises to the students.

Jung Yong Hwa responded, "Yeah, it felt so good like I was giving them a present."
Jung Yong Hwa(Credit= KBS Cool FM Music Plaza, 'jhyeffect0622' Instagram)

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