Lee Jeong-hyeon Shares Disappointment About Having Little Screen Time on 'Boys Planet'

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 19, 2023

Lee Jeong-hyeon Shares Disappointment About Having Little Screen Time on 'Boys Planet'
Lee Jeong-hyeon of rookie K-pop boy group EVNNE said he was disappointed with little screen time on 'Boys Planet'. 

On September 16, the four members of EVNNE guested on a YouTube show hosted by YouTuber Jonathan. 

Since the four of them were all contestants of Mnet's survival audition show 'Boys Planet', the conversation centered around their experience on the show. 
EVNNEIn the middle of their talk, Jonathan said to Lee Jeong-hyeon, "You didn't have much screen time throughout the show, but you made it to the finals. How impressive! Your talent seemed to have earned you a spot in the finals." 

Chuckling, Lee Jeong-hyeon responded, "Before I joined 'Boys Planet', I was confident that I would attract quite a bit of attention, because I had trained really hard until then. But I couldn't find myself in any of the group performances that I participated in." 

He continued, "If I'm being honest with you, I was very upset about that. I was disappointed that I only appeared on the show for my reactions, not for my performances.", then sighed. 
EVNNEAfter that, Lee Jeong-hyeon mentioned his performance finally making it to the trailer later on; he said he was happy even though it was for a second, "At least my performance made it to television for a second, right? And... Some 'Boys Planet' fans trimmed the trailer and uploaded only the part where I performed online. The second video went viral on social media." 

The three other members of EVNNE nodded and confirmed that Lee Jeong-hyeon worked truly hard to get a spot in the finals despite the setbacks he faced due to lack of screen time. 
EVNNEThen, Jonathan asked if there was anything Lee Jeong-hyeon wanted to say to 'Boys Planet' producer now that the show was over. 

Lee Jeong-hyeon rapped, saying, "My performances had no screen time, but I still managed to make it to the 'top', because PD-nim, you're at the 'top' yourself."

Jonathan and the other members cheered for Lee Jeong-hyeon at the end of his honest yet respectful rap. 

(Credit= '디글 :Diggle' YouTube, Mnet Boys Planet) 

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