Kim Jong-kook Under Fire for His Overpriced T-Shirts; He Responds

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 20, 2023

Kim Jong-kook Under Fire for His Overpriced T-Shirts; He Responds
Singer Kim Jong-kook responded to the complaints about his overpriced T-shirts. 

On September 14, Kim Jong-kook made a surprise announcement via his YouTube channel. 

Kim Jong-kook said, "I made some T-shirts so that I no longer have to waste my time buying them and choosing what to wear every morning. I tried my hardest to make them as perfect as possible because I intend to wear them every day myself." 

He continued, "I've made the decision to sell them; they're reasonably priced. Only a limited number will be sold though.", then added a link that led to his online mall. 

There were four types of T-shirts sold on the website; all these T-shirts were simply-designed with nothing more than a logo of his T-shirt brand on them. 

Each of the T-shirt was priced either at 42,000 won (approximately 32 dollars) or 46,000 won (approximately 35 dollars). 

After checking out the price of his T-shirts, many people were disappointed with such high prices for regular T-shirts when he even said that they were not too expensive. 
Kim Jong-kook's T-shirtKim Jong-kook's T-shirtKim Jong-kook soon left a comment on his YouTube channel post explaining his side of the story, suggesting that he was aware of the remarks being spread online.

The singer stated, "They are not just regular T-shirts with a printed logo, I can tell you that. I honestly put in so much effort making those T-shirts since I'm picky about the fabric of my clothes. And about the price... I made a reasonable decision on the price following tons of research." 

He went on, "But I do apologize if I caused any misunderstanding. I believe that my statement that the T-shirts weren't very expensive was something that wasn't fairly taken into account. I'm sorry. Please understand because I'm not an expert in this field." 
Kim Jong-kook's T-shirtDespite the controversy, the T-shirts were sold out on the website only five days after his online store opened. 

Kim Jong-kook once again wrote on his YouTube channel, this time, thanking everyone for their great support. 

"The T-shirts were quickly sold out all thanks to your interest and support. As I couldn't let this opportunity to be grateful pass by, I decided to donate all the money I made. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed." 

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