Suzy Recalls Song Hye Kyo Complimenting Her Beauty at the Blue Dragon Awards

By  Cho Yunjung  | Sep 20, 2023

Suzy Recalls Song Hye Kyo Complimenting Her Beauty at the Blue Dragon Awards
K-pop artist/actress Suzy mentioned her interaction with actress Song Hye Kyo during this year's Blue Dragon Series Awards, an annual awards ceremony.

On September 20, a news outlet published an article featuring Suzy's interview on her win at this year's Blue Dragon Series Awards.

In Coupang Play's 2022 series, 'Anna', Suzy played 'Lee Yumi' who loses her true identity and starts living a new life under a new name, 'Lee Anna', because of a minor lie that she made up.
Suzy & Song Hye KyoAt the second Blue Dragon Series Awards on July 19, many outstanding actresses competed for the Best Actress Award.

Song Hye Kyo, who showed a fantastic performance in Netflix's series 'The Glory' was one of them; another was Suzy, who was recognized for her first solo lead role in 'Anna'. 

Suzy was named the winner of the Best Actress Award, and Song Hye Kyo ended up winning 'Daesang' (the grand prize).
Suzy & Song Hye KyoDuring the interview, Suzy talked about her encounter with Song Hye Kyo at the awards ceremony.

"Song Hye Kyo and I were taking pictures together, and she told me I looked pretty. Being complimented like that by the beautiful Song Hye Kyo was truly an honor. What made me even happier was the feeling that she was congratulating me on my accomplishment. Her words were encouraging, and I was happy to hear that.", she recalled.
Suzy & Song Hye KyoAnother thing she mentioned was the dress she wore for the ceremony, which certainly stole the show. 

Suzy said she was satisfied with her dress choice, a white gown embellished with exquisite beading.

However, she noted that it was not particularly comfortable.

"The dress was a success. But I felt a little uncomfortable wearing it because of the beads. When choosing the dress for the day, I didn't think I would win anything at the awards. My goal was to find a dress that would look pretty on the red carpet. I only tried on a couple of dresses and thought this one was comfortable enough, and I didn't get the chance to sit down during the dress fitting. It was okay while I was standing, but…"

She resumed, "I'll just say it was a relief to hear that people loved it. I believe it was because the reporters took such great photos of me."
Suzy & Song Hye Kyo(Credit= 'KBS Entertain' 'Coupang Play' YouTube, SBS Entertainment News/Baik Seung-chul)

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