Kim So Hyun Tells How She Felt Before Filming a Kissing Scene with Hwang Min Hyun

By  Cho Yunjung  | Sep 20, 2023

Kim So Hyun Tells How She Felt Before Filming a Kissing Scene with Hwang Min Hyun
Actress Kim So Hyun discussed what it was like to portray on-screen romance with Hwang Min Hyun of disbanded K-pop boy group NUE'ST in 'My Lovely Liar'.

As tvN's series 'My Lovely Liar' ended on September 19, Kim So Hyun's interview from September 13 has been released today.

During the interview, she talked about her co-star Hwang Min Hyun whom she played a couple in the series.

The actress started by describing what it was like to hear that she and Hwang Min Hyun would be co-starring.

"I was happy to learn that he would be joining the cast. It turned out, many of my friends loved him. They told me how good-looking he was. For the first time in my life, someone told me they were jealous of me because of my co-star.", Kim So Hyun recalled.

In the series, Kim So Hyun played 'Mok Sol-hee' who cannot trust people because of her ability to hear lies.

Hwang Min Hyun played 'Kim Do-ha', a famous composer and producer who has been staying away from other people due to an incident in his past.
Kim So Hyun & Hwang Min HyunSince his character was the one who had been keeping a low profile, Hwang Min Hyun had to wear a mask at the beginning of the series.

About this, Kim So Hyun said, "At first, he had to wear a mask while playing 'Kim Do-ha'. I felt awkward being with him because of that, but it helped portray our characters since 'Kim Do-ha' and 'Mok Sol-hee' were meant to be uncomfortable around each other at the beginning of the series. So we maintained that level of distance in real life while filming the start of the series."

"Later, we became much closer to one another as he didn't have to wear a mask, and we got to film funny episodes together. We started making jokes and trying to make each other laugh as though it was our job. I've got to know that he's a quite playful guy. This was my first time working with him, and I found him to be both a fun person to joke with and a capable actor who can lead the scene naturally."
Kim So Hyun & Hwang Min HyunHowever, according to what Kim So Hyun said, she may have been the one who led certain scenes.

She said, "I've heard that Hwang Min Hyun has never portrayed a couple's relationship in any work and, therefore, never played a kissing scene before. It was a bit overwhelming thing to hear.", she laughed and explained, "I felt like I would have to lead him, which wasn't in my plan."
Kim So Hyun & Hwang Min Hyun"We became so close while filming the series, and the director tried a lot to ease up our minds during our kissing scenes. He said that we looked like a young, high school couple, and suggested we create a melodramatic atmosphere. We had a lot of discussions while filming on site as if it were a rehearsal.", Kim So Hyun remarked.

The actress concluded the interview by thanking 'My Lovely Liar' fans.

"It was my first work after two years of hiatus. Thanks for loving it so much. I appreciated hearing how people saw me in a new light after watching this series. I will return with yet another great work."
Kim So Hyun & Hwang Min Hyun(Credit= 'tvN drama' YouTube, 'tvn_drama' Instagram, IEUM HASHTAG)

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