"I See Them Often" YUJU Tells What GFRIEND Members Talk About When Hanging Out

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 22, 2023

"I See Them Often" YUJU Tells What GFRIEND Members Talk About When Hanging Out
K-pop artist YUJU revealed what sort of things the members of disbanded K-pop girl group GFRIEND talk about when they hang out together. 

Recently, YUJU sat down for an interview with the press to speak about her latest single 'DALALA'.

During the interview, one reporter mentioned that her past group member YERIN making her comeback just a month before her, and asked whether YERIN shared her words of support. 

YUJU answered, "Ah yes, the members of GFRIEND are really supportive of one another. I sent YERIN a supportive message when her new music came out, and so did she. She sent me another message yesterday. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling reading her message." 

But YUJU pointed out that none of the members had listened to her new track before the release; she laughingly explained, "None of them asked me to play my new song to them, so..." 

She said further, "It wasn't because they weren't interested in what I was doing though. Being singers themselves, they know that I would have much preferred to have them listen to it on the day of release with the music video, like a perfectly-wrapped gift." 
YUJUThen, another reporter asked, "Do you meet up with them frequently? If so, what do you usually talk about with them when you meet?" 

YUJU responded, "Yes, we do. Of course. Most of the time, we simply talk about random things, from the style of each other's clothes to the most-recently-discovered good dessert places. We also blab about our lives. Nothing too special, you know. We're just like any other close friends out there." 

When asked if they had ever discussed having a reunion, YUJU thought for a second, then replied, "Well... We're all doing our best in our own place at the moment, so we believe that there'll definitely be an opportunity for us to reunite for a performance one day." 
YUJU2015-debuted GFRIEND consisted of YUJU, YERIN, EUNHA, UMJI, SINB and Kim So Won; they disbanded at the end their contract with SOURCE MUSIC in 2021. 

Following the disbandment, YUJU and YERIN joined different agencies, KONNECT Entertainment and Bill Entertainment, where they made their solo debut. 

EUNHA, UMJI and SINB joined the same management agency Big Planet Made and formed a new group called VIVIZ, while Kim So Won joined an acting management agency Oui Entertainment to build her acting career. 
YUJU(Credit= KONNECT Entertainment, SOURCE MUSIC) 

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