Song Hye Kyo Tears Up Imagining 'The Glory' Moon Dong-eun's Life After Her Journey of Revenge

By  Cho Yunjung  | Sep 27, 2023

Song Hye Kyo Tears Up Imagining 'The Glory' Moon Dong-eun's Life After Her Journey of Revenge
Actress Song Hye Kyo imagined what the character she played in 'The Glory' would be doing after the series' conclusion.

On September 27, a news outlet Sports Chosun published an interview with Song Hye Kyo about winning 'Daesang' (the grand prize) at an annual awards ceremony called the 'Blue Dragon Series Awards', for her performance in Netflix's mega-hit series 'The Glory'.

Song Hye Kyo played 'Moon Dong-eun', who was brutally tormented by a group of bullies when she was in high school.

She dedicates her life to revenge on her perpetrators and eventually succeeds in destroying their lives, especially that of 'Park Yeon-jin' (actress Im Ji Yeon), the bullies' leader.
Song Hye Kyo'The Glory' had been out for a while, but its story and characters were still fresh in the minds of the series' fans and the actors who played in it.

When Song Hye Kyo was asked how she thought 'Moon Dong-eun' would have been after everything she had been through, the actress' eyes became teary.

"I think I'm going to cry.", the actress said, and she could not get herself to speak for a while.

"'Moon Dong-eun' would be doing just fine, but she wouldn't forgive herself for the lives she ruined in her quest to get revenge against 'Park Yeon-jin'. The daughter and the husband of 'Park Yeon-jin' are two of them. 'Moon Dong-eun' would never be completely at ease, knowing that she had caused pain to people who had done nothing to deserve it. I imagine her living her life, apologizing in her own way, and bracing herself to take whatever punishment might come her way."
Song Hye KyoDuring the interview, Song Hye Kyo mentioned that leading a revenge thriller like 'The Glory' was a new challenge for her.

Thanks to the success of it, she was encouraged to keep trying new things, she said.

"Working in 'The Glory', a genre I've never tried before, brought back my joy for acting. As a result, I've become more interested in working on projects that are different from what I usually do. I think 'The Glory' may have changed the minds of those who were previously unwilling to accept me in unconventional genres. After the series, I've been offered a wider variety of projects.", said Song Hye Kyo.
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