The Real Life 'The Glory' YouTuber/School Bullying Victim Pyo Ye-rim Passes Away

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 11, 2023

The Real Life 'The Glory' YouTuber/School Bullying Victim Pyo Ye-rim Passes Away
It has just been reported that Pyo Ye-rim, YouTuber and school bullying victim, has taken her own life. 

On October 10, Busan Police Station and Fire Department received a report around 12:57 PM that a woman had fallen into a reservoir. 

Following their arrival at the scene, they quickly began their search and managed to get her out of the water by 4:20 PM. 

The woman was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital after being found, but she was unfortunately pronounced dead. 

The police soon discovered that the woman was Pyo Ye-rim and stated that there were no indications of murder.
Pyo Ye-rimIt turned out that Pyo Ye Rim had uploaded a video on YouTube prior to jumping into a reservoir, hinting at her extreme decision in advance. 

Crying, she said in her YouTube video, "This is my suicide note. I want to be at a place where I can just relax now. I have lost all confidence in my ability to combat this. Even why I must continue to live is beyond me. But please do not stop looking into my case." 
Pyo Ye-rimBack in January 2022, Pyo Ye Rim revealed her horrific past through her YouTube videos as well as television documentaries. 

The YouTuber claimed that she had been a victim of school violence for 12 years, throughout her elementary, middle and high school years. 

She also disclosed the identities of her perpetrators, who live contented lives and hold respectable jobs.

At that time, her story made headlines as it was so similar to the protagonist Moon Dong Eun's story from Netflix's mega-hit series 'The Glory'. 
Pyo Ye-rimBorn in July 1996, Pyo Ye-rim was only 27 years old; fans around the world have been sending their deepest condolences to her family and close friends ever since the news broke. 

(Credit= 'arin__daum' Instagram, Netflix Korea) 

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