"I'm a Father Now" Song Joong Ki Says He Will Not Appear in Another Movie Without Being Paid

By  Cho Yunjung  | Oct 12, 2023

"I'm a Father Now" Song Joong Ki Says He Will Not Appear in Another Movie Without Being Paid
Actor Song Joong Ki said he would not star in another movie without getting paid again now that he is a father.

On October 11, a new episode of movie critic Lee Dong-jin's YouTube show was uploaded.

Song Joong Ki appeared as a guest on the episode and discussed his latest film, 'Hopeless', which was also released on October 11.

While talking about the movie, the host mentioned an impressive anecdote about Song Joong Ki: "I heard that you refused to get paid when you joined the 'Hopeless' cast."

"Things went bigger than I expected.", Song Joong Ki remarked with a chuckle.
Song Joong Ki"I'm starting to worry that production companies might want me to star in their movies without getting paid.", he said.

The actor added, "My wife and I just had our baby, which means I'll have to work harder. I'm not in a position to take unpaid roles now."; his witty comment made the host laugh.

"Filmmakers watching this show, please know that I can't afford to do that anymore.", Song Joong Ki playfully declared.
Song Joong KiThen, Song Joong Ki explained why he refused to be paid for his role in 'Hopeless'.

"It goes back to a meeting with a film distributor I went to turn down a different project. During our talk, I told the company personnel which genre I wanted. The person then gave me a scenario to read, which was 'Hopeless'.", he recalled.

"I wanted to join the cast, but there was a problem. My rates are high, so adding me to the cast would increase its production costs, which would force the creators to use conventional strategies to make a commercial success. I didn't want that because it may take away the appeal of 'Hopeless'."

"That was why.", Song Joong Ki said, "But now that people are talking about my story more than the movie, I'm kind of embarrassed."
Song Joong KiSong Joong Ki announced his marriage to former British actress Katy Louise Saunders in January.

In June, the couple welcomed their first child, a son.

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