LE SSERAFIM's Agency Denies Rumors that Kim Chaewon Is Being Investigated for Drug Use

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 26, 2023

LE SSERAFIM's Agency Denies Rumors that Kim Chaewon Is Being Investigated for Drug Use
K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM's agency SOURCE MUSIC denied rumors that the group's member Kim Chaewon is currently being investigated for drug use. 

Recently, rumors started spreading online that Kim Chaewon was being investigated for using drugs. 

The rumors followed recent reports of actor Lee Seon-kyun and G-DRAGON of boy group BIGBANG's alleged illicit drug use. 

Lee Seon-kyun and G-DRAGON were booked for allegedly using illicit drugs earlier this week; the police noted that the two cases were not related, so they were being separately looked into. 

They also stated that more celebrities were involved, but not much information can be given out as the cases are still being investigated. 
Lee Seon-kyun and G-DRAGONSince it was said that more celebrities were involved and speculations of one being a female K-pop star arose, Kim Chaewon was mentioned as that female K-pop star. 

It was because Kim Chaewon is presently taking some time off from work; previously in mid-October, SOURCE MUSIC announced that she was going to take a break because of severe symptoms of influenza A. 

But people suddenly got suspicious of the 'recovery' reasons that her agency provided, and started saying that it was due to the police investigation. 
Kim ChaewonAs rumors would not stop going around, SOURCE MUSIC released a statement on rumors of the drug investigation surrounding her on October 26. 

They commented, "The rumors are not true at all. Kim Chaewon is still recovering from the flu at the moment. She is planned to join the group's activities again from November 1." 
LE SSERAFIM(Credit= SOURCE MUSIC, LOTTE Entertainment, 'xxxibgdrgn' Instagram) 

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