Lee Dong Gun Explains Why He Got the Reputation of Being a 'Ladies' Man' in the Industry

By  Cho Yunjung  | Nov 20, 2023

Lee Dong Gun Explains Why He Got the Reputation of Being a 'Ladies' Man' in the Industry
Actor Lee Dong Gun honestly addressed rumors about him being one of the biggest ladies' men in the entertainment industry.

The November 19 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy' featured Lee Dong Gun hanging out with actor Kim Ji Suk, his close friend.

In the episode, the two friends went to a diner and discussed how fast time went by as they reached their forties.

Kim Ji Suk revealed that he has been getting more emotional lately, and recalled when Lee Dong Gun shed tears in front of him while drinking together six months ago.

"I felt sorry for you.", Kim Ji Suk told Lee Dong Gun and went on, "Can I tell you the truth? I've noticed that people have very different opinions about you."

Lee Dong Gun replied, "Many of them are negative opinions.", and addressed his reputation as a ladies' man.

"I've known you for over a decade, and you're not the type of person people think you are. It's a shame that some people judge you based on a small glimpse into your life.", Kim Ji Suk commented.
Lee Dong GunThen Kim Ji Suk brought up Lee Dong Gun's previous relationships; he said that the public's knowledge of these relationships might have led to the rumor.

"Why haven't you kept your dating life more private?", he asked Lee Dong Gun, "Have you ever thought about dating someone in secret? Why do you always have to get caught dating someone?"

Lee Dong Gun explained, "How would my romantic partner feel if I tried to hide that I'm dating her?"
Lee Dong GunKim Ji Suk tried to clarify the rumors surrounding Lee Dong Gun, but his playful approach ended up angering him instead.

"Lee Dong Gun I know is no ladies' man. He just fell in love a lot from here and there.", he joked.

"The thing is, he's not a player. He was always faithful to his partner when in a relationship. The duration of his love just happened to be short.", Kim Ji Suk playfully teased Lee Dong Gun, making him annoyed.

"I'm just a man who's capable of love.", Lee Dong Gun added, "My past love life made people think I was a ladies' man, though."
Lee Dong GunThroughout his career, Lee Dong Gun has been romantically linked to several top stars in the entertainment industry: actresses Kim Min-joung, Han Ji Hye, Cha Ye Ryun, Ji Yeon of K-pop girl group T-ARA, and Cho Yoonhee.

Especially in 2017, the actor caused quite a stir when he revealed his new relationship with Cho Yoonhee on February 28, just 26 days after announcing the end of his two-year relationship with Ji Yeon.

On May 2 of the same year, Lee Dong Gun and Cho Yoonhee announced their marriage and that Cho Yoonhee was expecting a baby.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2020 after three years.

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