J.Y. Park·BAMBAM Show How Great Their Relationship Is Even After BAMBAM Leaving JYP Ent.

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 20, 2023

J.Y. Park·BAMBAM Show How Great Their Relationship Is Even After BAMBAM Leaving JYP Ent.
JYP Entertainment's head producer/singer J.Y Park and BAMBAM of K-pop boy group GOT7 demonstrated how amazing their relationship is, even after BAMBAM's leave from the agency almost three years ago. 

On November 17, J.Y. Park guested on BAMBAM's YouTube show 'Bam House'. 

During their talk, BAMBAM asked various questions to J.Y. Park about the music industry, and one of the questions that he asked was, "It looks like JYP Entertainment is doing well without GOT7. Has our departure actually affected your company at all?" 

J.Y. Park laughed upon hearing BAMBAM's somewhat out of the blue question, then told him, "Yes, it certainly has. You guys brought quite a lot of money to the company, you know." 
Bam HouseAs if satisfied with his answer, BAMBAM smiled and asked, "Just wondering, have you watched any of our performances after we left your agency?" 

J.Y. Park answered, "I have. I mean, I wasn't able to watch all of them, of course. But I sometimes get curious about your new performances, and that makes me type GOT7's recent performances in the search bar."
He added, "I'm also keeping in frequent touch with JAY B and YUGYEOM, so...", which made BAMBAM go, "Oh, you do? In that case, I'll have to put more effort into building our relationship!"  
Bam HouseThen, BAMBAM said, "While on the subject of it... I actually want to express my deepest gratitude to you. You could hate us for leaving your agency after our contract, but... Thank you for treating us the same way as before."  

J.Y. Park responded, "No, no. You guys did so well during your time with us. I have absolutely no problem with someone leaving my agency following their excellent job at the company."

Right then, BAMBAM thought of another thing that he wanted to thank J.Y. Park for, "Oh, there's one more! I want to thank you for letting us keep our group's name. Not all companies let their groups keep their names once they leave, but you allowed us to use it. Thank you." 

Instead of saying much, J.Y. Park nodded with a smile and simply commented, "You're welcome." 

GOT7 made debut under JYP Entertainment in January 2014; all members of GOT7 parted ways with JYP Entertainment at the end of their contract in January 2021. 

Currently, they are all under different agencies. 

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