Song Ji-hyo Blames 'Running Man' for Her Dream of Romantic Proposal Being Shattered

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 21, 2023

Song Ji-hyo Blames 'Running Man' for Her Dream of Romantic Proposal Being Shattered
Actress Song Ji-hyo blamed 'Running Man' for her dream of her romantic marriage proposal being shattered. 

On November 19 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the team of 'Running Man' with two guests―actress Shin Ye Eun and entertainer Hong Jin-ho―flew to Singapore together. 

Upon their arrival, they headed to the zoo on a mini bus. 

While heading to the zoo, Song Ji-hyo told the members and guests how her feelings about the zoo have changed over time. 

"It's always been my dream to get proposed at the zoo. But because I've gone to the zoo so many times while filming 'Running Man', that dream's been completely shattered. Sadly, I no longer dream of getting proposed at the zoo. Now that that's gone, I would even say that I don't dream of any sorts of proposals anymore." 

To this, the members of 'Running Man' playfully asked, "What do you think of those proposals in public then? For instance, if he asked you to marry him on stage in front of a large crowd or proposed to you using the large screen of a building? Would you be happy if you got proposed that way?" 

Frowning hard, Song Ji-hyo shook sideways and exclaimed, "Totally no. I would hate that so much!" 
Running ManRunning ManThen, HAHA revealed how he proposed to his wife singer Byul, "I proposed to her at the city hall when we went to register our marriage. We did two things at the same time. There were also cameras filming all that." 

HAHA immediately received massive backlash for choosing to propose at a city hall and making the proposal a 'show'; HAHA told them in response, "Proposals are basically like performances anyway, you know!" 

Afterward, when Ji Suk-jin asked Yu Jae Seok how his proposal went, Yu Jae Seok shyly answered, "Well, I got down on my knee." 

Imagining Yu Jae Seok getting down on his knee, everyone on the bus went, "Oh my...! I don't want to imagine it!" 

For another five minutes until they got to the zoo, they continued speaking about different proposals.  
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