Lee Dong Wook Says He Is Still Kicking Himself for Being Silly in His Past Relationships

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 21, 2023

Lee Dong Wook Says He Is Still Kicking Himself for Being Silly in His Past Relationships
Actor Lee Dong Wook revealed that thinking about some moments from his past love life makes him toss and turn all night. 

On November 21, Lee Dong Wook sat down for an interview with the press to discuss his upcoming romance movie 'Single in Seoul'. 

During the interview, Lee Dong Wook shared that watching 'Single in Seoul' made him think of his love life in the past. 

The actor said, "While watching the movie, I came to realize that even if two people in love shared the same moments with each other, their memories wouldn't necessarily be the same. So, that made me regret doing certain things that I had done back in the day. I think I might have been the biggest loser on some days, you know." 

He laughingly continued, "I'm sure every man out there has this experience of still kicking himself for what he did in his past relationships. In that sense, they'll be able to relate themselves to my character in 'Single in Seoul' well, like myself."  

"I mean... Being in a relationship isn't easy. Not everything I say, or she says is right, which means you will repeatedly go through various situations where you or your girlfriend is wrong while being in a relationship. That's why it's hard. It's harder for me now that I'm in my 40s. I'm just not as confident when it comes to love," he stated. 
Lee Dong WookAfter that, Lee Dong Wook was asked whether he was willing to publish a book about his first love, since his character 'Young-ho' writes about his first love in 'Single in Love'. 

Lee Dong Wook immediately replied, "No, no way," then elaborated on why it was a definite no-no for him, "It would simply be too embarrassing." 

He also said, "Plus, I believe I would be being very inconsiderate of my ex-girlfriend if I published a book about her without her consent. The readers may not know who I was referring to, but my ex-girlfriend would know. For that same reason, I try to avoid going into too many details about my past love during interviews." 

Laughing hard, he added, "It's not like my love life is that interesting either. Who would be that interested in reading a book or interview about it?" 
Lee Dong WookLee Dong Wook(Credit= LOTTE Entertainment) 

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