Kim Sejeong Comments on Audition Show Contestants' 'Disappointing' Performances

By  Cho Yunjung  | Nov 21, 2023

Kim Sejeong Comments on Audition Show Contestants' 'Disappointing' Performances
K-pop artist Kim Sejeong's comment as a judge in 'Universe Ticket' is getting attention.

On November 18, SBS' survival audition show 'Universe Ticket' was premiered.

Kim Sejeong is one of the judges on this show, which has 82 girls from all over the world competing for the chance to debut as a K-pop girl group.

In the first episode, 82 contestants took to the stage for one-on-one battles where they performed K-pop songs.

The highlight of the show was the battle between two contestants, Kwon Chae Won (formerly known as Eunchae of K-pop girl group DIA) and Jieun of K-pop girl group BUSTERS since both of them have experience as members of K-pop girl groups.

In a previous interview, Kwon Chae Won said, "Our group was known for one particular member getting all the spotlight. There were a lot of hurtful comments on the internet, suggesting that the other members were just her sidekicks. By entering this competition, I want to show my abilities as a performer."
Kim SejeongHowever, after Kwon Chae Won and Jieun finished their performances, the judges were not impressed; they were rather disappointed.

Taking a microphone, Kim Sejeong started to give her assessment of the two contestants' performances.

"I don't think that a K-pop girl group member needs to be very good at singing or dancing.", she said.

"But if you're not good at those things, you should hide it perfectly while on stage. You shouldn't let the audience know. K-pop stars practice hard to hide their lack of skills on stage. K-pop stars work hard to deliver flawless performance."

"Even if you're not good at singing or dancing, you still need to deliver a complete performance.", Kim Sejeong stated, expressing her disappointment that their performances fell short of their description as a former and a current member of K-pop girl groups.
Kim SejeongShe continued, "Even if you only sing for 20 seconds in your group's song, you should be able to hide that you don't sing well for those 20 seconds. You guys sang for 82 seconds today, but I don't think the song's length showed your lack of skills. I think it would have been the same with 20 seconds.", she remarked, adding, "Maybe both of you should practice a lot harder."
Kim SejeongKim Sejeong has had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

She made her debut as a disbanded project K-pop girl group I.O.I member and later became a member of another disbanded K-pop girl group gugudan; she is now thriving in her solo career and also found success in acting.

So, once the show aired, Kim Sejeong's sincere comment to the contestants caught the attention of many viewers.

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