Ahn Eun-jin Shares that She Would Love to Win the Best Couple Award with Namkoong Min

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 21, 2023

Ahn Eun-jin Shares that She Would Love to Win the Best Couple Award with Namkoong Min
Actress Ahn Eun-jin shared that she would love to receive the Best Couple Award with actor Namkoong Min. 

On November 21, Ahn Eun-jin met some reporters to talk about her recently-ended drama 'My Dearest'. 

During her interview, Ahn Eun-jin mentioned how great her chemistry with another lead Namkoong Min was. 

The actress said, "It was so awesome to work with Namkoong Min. I felt like he knew the answer to everything. Every time I struggled, he gave me the perfect solution to the matter, whatever it was. His ways were always right. That got me thinking, 'Sunbae is sunbae.'" 

She continued, "He also always loaded me up with words of support. Basically, he would tell me things like, 'You're doing well. Don't worry. You'll probably find it easier to see it as a whole rather than as an individual part.' He helped me a lot throughout our shooting." 
Ahn Eun-jinAhn Eun-jinAhn Eun-jin was not done praising Namkoong Min to the skies; she resumed saying that it was a true blessing to have Namkoong Min as her partner. 

She explained, "I knew that he was famous, who's been part of a number of successful projects, but I never imagined him to be this amazing. After working with him, I could see why he was such a popular choice in the industry. He was really professional, detail-oriented and calm. I was able to learn so much from him." 

After that, Ahn Eun-jin shyly expressed her wish, "It would be great if I could win the Best Couple Award with Namkoong Min. I would totally love that." 
Ahn Eun-jin'My Dearest' is a historical romance drama that tells the story of separated lovers whose fates change due to the Qing invasion of Joseon. 

Namkoong Min played the role of 'Lee Jang-hyun', who declared that he would never get married, and Ahn Eun-jin acted the character named 'Yoo Gil-chae', a noblewoman who dreams of finding love again after two failed marriages.

It is said that the shooting for the drama went on for about a year; the drama was first aired on August 4, and the last episode was broadcast last Saturday. 

(Credit= United Artists Agency, MBC My Dearest) 

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