"I've Known Him for over 12 Years and...." ROCKY Details Devastation After MOON BIN's Passing

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 27, 2023

"I've Known Him for over 12 Years and...." ROCKY Details Devastation After MOON BIN's Passing
ROCKY, formerly of K-pop boy group ASTRO, detailed his devastation after ASTRO's beloved member MOON BIN's sudden passing. 

On November 27, ROCKY sat down with media outlet 10 Asia for an interview.

The main purpose of the interview was to discuss his first solo album 'ROCKYST', which was released last Wednesday, but they also touched upon other topics during the interview. 

One of the subjects that they talked about in this interview was how ROCKY felt after MOON BIN's unexpected passing in April. 
ROCKYCarefully, ROCKY began to speak, "I wasn't myself for the first couple of weeks after he passed away. It was a big shock to me. I've known him for over 12 years since I started training at the age of 12. If I'm being completely honest here, I'm still getting over the whole thing. I think I'm only half done sending him to that side of the world. I still miss him too much." 

He continued, "We had lots in common. And we chased after the same dream for years. I have tons of memories of our good moments together; some of them were from before the members of ASTRO joined our agency. We used to do so many things with each other." 

"Since I've known him for so long, the news of his death really hit me hard. It seemed as though my world came crashing down when I heard it. I felt indescribably devastated at that time. It was all thanks to the people around me that I was able to get back up. After a while of being in complete devastation, I started to see how hard they were trying to make me feel better. That made me realize that I had to get myself going again." 

"It's true that I can't bring him back to life, but I strongly believe that we'll meet again one day. I felt that I should just keep doing what we had been doing together for now. So, I'm trying to work hard these days."
ROCKYThen, ROCKY spoke about meeting MOON BIN in his dream not long after he passed away, "About a week after he was gone, he came to see me in my dream. It was really nice, because I was desperately hoping for him to visit to dream back then. He said a lot of good stuff to me; things that I wanted to hear. His words comforted me." 

He resumed, "I later heard that he went to see many other people in their dreams too. Learning that, I was like, 'It's such a MOON BIN-like thing to do to visit his loved ones like that.' I'm still sad and annoyed that he's no longer here with me. I don't know. I have mixed feelings. I think I need more time." 

After that, ROCKY added, "I actually made a song for MOON BIN following his passing, but I didn't include that song in this album. I wanted to keep the song to myself for the time being, as it's a really sad song. I'll definitely release it in the future though. When I do, I'll let everyone know that it's a song that I made for him." 
ROCKYBack on April 19, 25-year-old MOON BIN was found dead at home by his manager. 

According to the police, no signs of murder were found.  

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