"I'm So Sorry About..." DARA Cries as She Gives Thunder ♥ MIMI Their Wedding Gifts

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 23, 2024

"I'm So Sorry About..." DARA Cries as She Gives Thunder ♥ MIMI Their Wedding Gifts
K-pop artist DARA shed tears as she gave her brother Thunder and sister-in-law MIMI their wedding gifts. 

On January 22 episode of TV CHOSUN's television show 'Chosun's Real Romantic', boy group MBLAQ's former member Thunder and MIMI of disbanded girl group gugudan were seen meeting Thunder's two sisters―DARA and non-celebrity Park Durami―at a Korean barbecue restaurant. 

In the middle of their meal, DARA headed out of their private room, saying, "I need to use the restroom real quick." 

She was not going to the restroom though, she was in fact secretly grabbing their surprise wedding gifts. 
Chosun's Real RomanticWhen DARA returned to the room, she entered with two large red paper bags in her hands. 

As she gave them the bags, she commented, "I got you matching watches from Cartier, because Cartier is the most popular brand among soon-to-get-married couples." 

Thunder and MIMI's eyes widened in surprise at her unexpected gifts, and they put the watches on their wrists right away. 
Chosun's Real RomanticSeeing the couple put them on, DARA said to them, "A lot of people think that Thunder is lucky for having a big sister who takes care of him at all times. But I never helped you two with your wedding." 

She continued with a shaky voice, "You and MIMI organized everything by yourselves without my help. I'm proud of you guys for that. I'm also... So sorry about that."

As DARA was finishing her sentence, tears rolled down her cheeks; Park Durami and MIMI also teared up. 

Thunder handed each of them some tissues so that they could wipe their tears, and said, "Oh, I'm sad as well." 

Since Thunder showed no tears, DARA playfully stated, "You're not really sad, are you? You don't seem sad at all! Look at us, we're all crying!" 
Chosun's Real RomanticChosun's Real RomanticLast July, Thunder and MIMI made their 4-year relationship public. 

It was recently announced that Thunder and MIMI will be holding their wedding ceremony on May 26. 

(Credit= TV CHOSUN Chosun's Real Romantic) 

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