Han Geng Describes How Stressful & Unhappy His Days as a Member of Super Junior Were

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 31, 2024

Han Geng Describes How Stressful & Unhappy His Days as a Member of Super Junior Were
K-pop boy group Super Junior's former Chinese member Han Geng described how tough things were for him when he was a member of the group. 

On January 29, Han Geng's interview was released on Hong Kong television network's YouTube channel. 

In this interview, Han Geng spoke about working in Korea, under SM Entertainment as one of the members of Super Junior. 

Han Geng said, "I don't come from a wealthy family. That's why I joined SM Entertainment, to make good money from fame. I signed a contract with them at the age of 19. It was a 13-year contract." 

Then, he referred to his contract with SM Entertainment as a 'slave' contract, then added, "After signing my 13-year contract with them, my dad cried. He was like, 'I sold my child to them.'" 
Han GengAll entertainment companies in Korea operate a system where they invest a large amount of money to trainees and cover their investment with the money they earn in the first couple of months or years of their activities in the industry. 

Even though SM Entertainment adhered to the standard contract, Han Geng expressed dissatisfaction, stating, "During my first year after debuting, I had to give back a portion of my earnings to SM Entertainment. I used to receive monthly allowances from them as a trainee, but my monthly income in my debut year was lower than that."

Since he was not happy, Han Geng decided to leave the agency for good; he claimed that he even worried that he might take his own life one day at that time. 

Han Geng then detailed his decision to leave Super Junior and SM Entertainment, saying, "It was an excellent choice. Returning to my hometown in China allowed me to build a career in acting. It was nice." 

While transitioning from a K-pop star to an actor, he said he went through many trials and errors, but he worked hard because he wanted to prove that he could pursue acting in China. 

At the end of the interview, Han Geng shared, "My work experiences in Korea definitely contributed to my personal growth. I had a difficult time for sure, but I do feel grateful for the hard times," ending the interview on the positive note. 
Han GengHan GengAfter a 2-year training at SM Entertainment, Han Geng made debut as a member of Super Junior in November 2005; he was part of Super Junior from 2005 until 2009. 

In December 2009, Han Geng initiated legal action against SM Entertainment seeking the termination of his contract. Subsequently, he returned to China to focus on his solo career. 

The official confirmation of Han Geng's departure from SM Entertainment occurred in September 2011, following a mutual agreement between both parties.

(Credit= SM Entertainment, '鳳凰衛視PhoenixTV' YouTube) 

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